Alzheimer’s Caregivers – Create a New Lens, Explore the Opportunities

By Nancy Gordon, director of the California Lutheran Homes Center for Spirituality and Aging 

A frequently cited statistic is after the age of 50, the disease most feared is Alzheimer’s—more feared than cancer, stroke, and heart disease.
Explore the possibilities and opportunities for creative expression,
expansion of spirit, flourishing of relationships, the sharing of hope and joy.  
There is good reason for this fear. Alzheimer’s disease (and other causes of dementia) robs the sufferer of what seems most intrinsic to their selfhood: their ability to remember, to think and problem solve, and to hold up their end of the conversation. For those who love them, the confusion, the sometimes delusional thinking, and the blankness that comes over their faces is heartbreaking. We do seem to be losing them bit-by-bit, and we fear that someday we may lose ourselves in the same way…
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