Be Cyber Safe This Holiday Season

Are you planning a trip this holiday season? Understanding how, when, and where to use your mobile devices are important factors in keeping yourself protected during your travels. The Piers Project, an internet safety awareness campaign of the Front Porch Center for Innovation and Wellbeing, has gathered some helpful hints from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Stop. Think. Connect.TM initiative.

Before You Leave:

  • Update your mobile software and/or computer
  • Back up your information on an external drive or cloud system
  • Keep your devices locked when they are not in use
    While Traveling:
    • Avoid automatically connecting to public wireless networks
    • Exercise caution before you connect to public wireless hotspot(s)
    • Steer clear from clicking any unknown or suspicious links
    • Be mindful of what you post while you are away on vacation—the more you share on websites like Facebook, the more likely you’ll be offering hints that nobody’s home!
    • Avoid participating in data-sensitive activities, such as online shopping or viewing your bank/credit card accounts on publicly accessible computers and unsecured wireless networks
    • Protect your mobile device(s) by keeping them near you at all times, especially in public spaces
      Learn of more helpful tips and suggestions on protecting yourself online here. Happy and safe holiday travels!

      The Piers Project is funded by a gift from the family of Ellie Piers to benefit the Front Porch Center for Innovation and Wellbeing’s (CIW’s)ongoing mission of using technology to enhance wellbeing among older adults.Piers lived at Carlsbad by the Sea, a Front Porch retirement communityin Carlsbad, CA. Her contribution will allow the CIW to confront the issue of eldersecurity by using adaptive technologies to develop initiatives related to senioronline security, specifically in the GreaterSan Diego Area.