CARING Housing Ministries’ Property Supervisor Does not Lose Sight of Humble Beginnings


As an affordable housing professional with CARING Housing Ministries (CHM), with humble beginnings, Senior Property Supervisor Dianna Sherwood has exemplified being a voice of guidance and has provided educational and professional development opportunities to her staff.

“It is my pleasure to work with such a dedicated group of colleagues,” said Dianna, who has worked for CHM for more than 23 years. “I feel I owe them the same guidance that I received when I joined CHM.”

Dianna started her career at CHM as a janitor at Emerson Village, the CHM-managed community in Pomona, California. During her tenure at that position and later as a janitorial supervisor and maintenance tech, she fell in love with the affordable housing service field. So much so, that her career journey did not stop there. She continued with the intention to aspire to be and do more.

“I felt I found my niche,” Dianna said. “I knew I wanted to advance my career. I felt like a sponge, eager to learn as much as I could about all aspects of affordable housing management. My supervisors all supported me and I was grateful.”

Through ongoing education and training, Dianna was able to reach her current position as Senior Property Supervisor overseeing seven CHM communities in Southern California and Arizona. She is an occupancy specialist, a tax credit specialist and a 504 coordinator, professional certifications all essential to the affordable housing service field.   

“Her ‘go-getter’ attitude is contagious and her constant support encourages others to push forward,” said Lupe Luna, property manager of CHM-managed Grace Village Apartments in Santa Barbara. “While working under her leadership, I’ve discovered that Dianna leads with patience and kindness.”

As a janitor and maintenance professional, Dianna took great pride in maintaining and enhancing the value of the community site,” said Soraya Diaz, president of CHM. “Those innate qualities transferred to her position as a property manager and property supervisor.”

In 2020, those qualities were among many that earned Dianna “Supervisor of the Year” honors from the Affordable Housing Management Association Pacific Southwest (AHMA-PSW), a non-profit organization representing management agents and owners of over 85,000 housing units in Arizona, Nevada, and Southern California.

“I was part of the first generation in my family to be born in the United States,” Dianna said in her acceptance speech. “My mother, a German immigrant, raised myself and three siblings alone with a strong work ethic. She taught us that being poor does not define us and through hard work and dedication we can achieve anything.”

Sybonay Olvera, property manager at CHM-managed Foster Avenue Apartments in Baldwin Park, California, believes Dianna’s different roles in within CHM have allowed her to encourage others to never stop learning about themselves and about others. “She creates a bond with each person she meets, whether a colleague or resident, she recognizes them as a special part of CARING Housing Ministries,” Sybonay said.

Everyone deserves a comfortable place to call home. Through CARING Housing Ministries, a division of Front Porch, we manage affordable housing with a commitment to meeting the needs of low-income families and individuals with special challenges. CARING Housing Ministries works in partnership with Front Porch to provide supportive services and case management to residents with chronic mental illness, developmental disabilities, and mobility, vision, and hearing impairment.