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Assisted Living at Wesley Palms is Truly Designed For You!

When Resident Cathy Doss needed additional assistance with daily activities such as medication management, housekeeping, laundry and dressing, she turned to Wesley Palms, a community she knew had a reputation for excellent care. In 2015, she moved into the “Courtyard,” Wesley’s assisted living accommodations dedicated to residents who need extra services. While continuing to live

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Creativity Under Quarantine at Claremont Manor

The creative process brings enjoyment, discovery, and self-expression to people of all ages. During the pandemic, creative projects such as painting, sewing, and writing poems have been especially important to older adults who want to maintain engagement while staying safer at home. Benefits include the potential to increase motor skills and coordination, enhance cognitive abilities,

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Residents Contribute to Lush Landscape at Fredericka Manor

Fredericka Manor is known for its lush landscape, featuring more than 500 trees, including many rare and ornamental species. Hundreds of shrubs, flowers and succulents also dot the 24-acre community, many blooming year around creating a serene oasis that has been likened to heaven on earth!