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Lewis MacAdams: Always Searching for the Impossible

“If it’s not impossible, I’m not interested.” It’s a phrase that Lewis MacAdams, poet, journalist, filmmaker and activist has become known for over the years. Often repeated by friends and fans, it’s made its way on to tee-shirts and is now forever etched in the base of a seven-foot sandstone sculpture of him overlooking the… Read more

The Way It Is: The Bird’s Eye View From Ninety

Since my sky diving adventure, friends and kin have praised me for being courageous. I don’t see it that way. Yes, I am of a “certain age” as they say, but every resident at Wesley Palms knows about being “courageous” in so many ways. We all have reached a stage in life where we experience… Read more

Love, Laugh, Pray

THOSE THREE WORDS are one of the signs I have posted on the door of my suite here at Wesley Palms. Laugh, Love and Pray. That pretty well sums up my philosophy of life. The other sign on my door is a note to God, telling Him that I am ready, but in no hurry…. Read more