Happiness and Life Your Way!

I was recently somewhere and I was asked to provide my “prescription” for happiness. Unable to come up with a prescription Emersonian in its’ universality & elegance like the others in attendance, I wrote an unsophisticated list of some simple things that make me happy (in other words, life my way).

As Front Porch is all about living life your way, I thought it might be interesting to find out what makes you happy, the things that stir you or as it was stated to me, your “prescription” for happiness. Let me know, be as elegant as you like. Here is mine:

— Wine

— Beer

— Golf

— Hawaii

— Golf in Hawaii

— Golf with beer in Hawaii

— Bruges

— A Laker victory

— A Laker championship

— Kirk Gibson’s homer

— Vin Scully’s voice

— The thought of the McCourts no longer owning the Dodgers

— Grilling with family and friends

— Sand between my toes

— Watering the yard

— My backyard hammock

— A Langer’s No. 19 sandwich

— A Grimaldi’s of Brooklyn pizza

— Nam Kao Tod at Lotus of Siam

— My homemade paella

— A Joe Strummer song

— The words “New Orleans”

— My wife

— My son spelling words

— My son playing

— My son’s happiness

— My mother’s smile

Tell me your prescription for happiness …


—Rob Klose