Love & Aging (A Podcast)

Do we lose our sense of romance as we age? Or is there room for love well into our 100s? Vista del Monte Retirement Community’s Peggy Buchanan and and Rev. Laura L. Mancuso share their thoughts in this interview with

You can listen to the podcast here: 

Rev. Laura L. Mancuso is the Spiritual Life Program Leader at Vista del Monte Retirement Community.

Peggy Buchanan is the Coordinator of Vitality and Wellness Programming for Front Porch and serves as the director of fitness, aquatics and physical therapy at Front Porch’s Vista del Monte Retirement Community. 

Front Porch is a not-for-profit organization, based in Glendale, California, that serves individuals and families through full-service retirement, active adult communities, affordable housing communities, and related management and development services.