CARING Housing Ministries

Combining a compassionate heart with an entrepreneur’s mindset.

FPWeb_180x180_8_caringhousing.4ce4276d97dd5CARING Housing Ministries creates and manages communities that serve thousands of people of limited income with exceptional needs, including seniors, families with children and those who are physically disabled or those with chronic mental illness.

We are strong advocates of affordable housing based on a deep respect for the people who live there. It’s more than collecting the rent and landscaping the yard. We strive to create safe and decent communities where our residents can feel comfortable and proud.

As part of the Front Porch family of companies, CARING Housing Ministries is a great example “building strength upon strength.” By leveraging a range of expertise from Front Porch, CARING can better focus its efforts on delivering excellence in affordable housing to its clients.

CARING Housing Ministries holds high the Front Porch vision of “doing good and doing well,” which is all the more challenging in this technical and highly regulated field. To succeed and make a difference, we combine a compassionate heart with the mindset of an entrepreneur.

Like providing residents who experience an emergency with an interest-free loan so they can pay their rent, and other types of “eviction prevention” services that, for example, help people know where to get their car fixed, or get bus passes so they can get to work.

And unlike many not-for-profits that simply hire property managers, CARING Housing Ministries goes to great lengths to train and develop staff who are often residents living on site. They support resident associations, have regular communications and plan activities too.

We invite you to visit to learn more how CARING Housing Ministries creates, nurtures and preserves quality affordable housing communities that enrich the lives of our residents.