Family Matters

You’ve made independent decisions your whole life, and there’s no reason to stop now.

FPWeb_180x180_3_familymatters.4cf55e5fe977dGiving your kids (and yourself) a great gift.

At this point, you’re moving forward and starting the process of finding the right community for you. And it’s here where you’re bound to receive well-meaning advice from your family and your friends.

Of course, they only want what’s best for us. But some might not understand all the benefits and opportunities of community living if they knew what you knew – that Front Porch communities are interesting and vibrant places that cater to people who seek an engaging, hassle-free lifestyle – they might just want to move in too!

So why not invite them to tour your favorite community with you? There’s nothing like seeing firsthand everything we have to offer. It’s especially eye opening for those who often worry most – our kids.

Many of us never want to be a burden on our children, and there is never a better time than now to create your future. In fact, many who move to a Front Porch community tell us that they wish they had moved years sooner! A decision to move into a Front Porch Retirement Community can provide one of the greatest gifts you can give your kids and yourself: Peace of mind.

For some, there’s another important family matter to consider as well – your spouse. If something should happen to you or to your spouse now, it’s likely you would be physically separated and driving back and forth to see each other.

But a retirement community means you’ll be together in a place that has levels of care right on-site. Plus you’ll be surrounded by friends and neighbors that are incredibly supportive as many share your same life experiences.

All the more reason why you shouldn’t wait too long to decide. An unforeseen health crisis might put your future in the hands of someone else.

By staying on the path and finding the right community now, you’ll be the one making the decision, one that will benefit you and everyone you love.