Thank you for your interest in making a difference in someone’s life.

It’s important to know that while many not-for-profits are dependent on raising donations to keep their operations running, Front Porch is uniquely different. Our core value of fiscal responsibility requires our operations to carry themselves financially.

This means that none of your gift goes to keeping our doors open. And since Front Porch contributes administrative and other services to our partners and foundations, your donation can truly focus on enhancing the lives of our residents and our communities.

It’s a great feeling helping others; just listen to some of our residents.

“When I decided to make a contribution, I reflected upon the great experience I had over the years and wanted that feeling to continue into the future for other residents. Plus, the charitable gift annuity was a great way for me to earn income and receive a tax benefit. It’s a good feeling to be able to provide a gift that will benefit so many.”

“I had lived at Vista del Monte for over 10 years when I was introduced to the concept of charitable trusts. At first it didn’t seem possible – to reduce capital gains and taxes on the sale of my commercial property, create income for myself, and still make a gift to charity after I’m gone. I had always hoped my investment would provide for me, but I never dreamed it could help provide for my neighbors as well!”

“I was well aware of the benefits a gift annuity would provide to me, however I was more concerned with the benefits it would provide to residents in need. I felt that my support of the Resident Assistance Program was a perfect expression of the commandment to ‘love thy neighbor as thyself.’”

That’s philanthropy at work at Front Porch, where every dollar can help another realize their dreams. And there are so many different ways to give, from the general to the specific, large to small. Here are just some of the categories available to you:

  • Unrestricted Funds – wherever your gift is needed most.
  • Resident Assistance – financial assistance for your neighbors.
  • Capital Projects and Remodeling – community improvements.
  • Employee Scholarships – the gift of education.
  • Community Specific Items – from hearing aids to hospital beds and more.
  • Affordable Housing – helping the disenfranchised and disabled.
  • Front Porch Operation Snowflake – bringing the joy of the holidays to families in need.
  • CLH Center for Spirituality and Aging – helping to meet seniors’ spiritual needs.
  • Front Porch Gallery – strengthening community by creating and sharing art.
  • Front Porch Center for Innovation and Wellbeing – meeting needs with technology.

Donors will receive a written acknowledgement for their gift that can serve as a tax receipt, and all those who give $5,000 or more in a single or aggregate of gifts can receive an engraved leaf on a “Tree of Life,” our way of publicly saying thanks.

You can Give Now, or Give for the Future. And to learn exactly how your gifts are making a difference in the lives of others, visit Where Your Gifts Go.

We thank you again for your generosity.