Pacific Homes Foundation

 Neighbors helping neighbors.

FP_180x180_3_pachomes.4ce1b3110289d“There is no more noble occupation in the world than to assist another human being – to help someone succeed.”

– Alan McGinnis

At the heart of all giving is a basic human desire to raise each other up. Being a part of a loving community inspires us to help those less fortunate among us. And perhaps the most heartfelt expression of this care is to give someone the continued comfort and security of their own home when they can no longer afford it.

Welcome to Pacific Homes Foundation, an independent, not-for-profit organization with a long tradition of service and philanthropy. Our Resident Assistance Program ensures that no resident of any of the communities we serve need leave their home solely due to their inability to pay the costs of their housing and care.

We partner with Front Porch to provide the communities of Casa de Mañana in La Jolla, Claremont Manor in Claremont, Fredericka Manor in Chula Vista, Kingsley Manor in Los Angeles and Wesley Palms in San Diego with services and benefits not covered by monthly fees.

Yet our mission is really just to facilitate bringing donors together with recipients so that both may achieve their desires, and realize their dreams. As someone who has been blessed with the resources to help others, you – the donors of the communities we serve – are the true driving force behind our good works.

As a donor, your generosity can enhance the lives of all your neighbors, like building the Care Center at Claremont Manor, remodeling the Sky Room and theatre at Kingsley Manor, expanding the resident dining room at Fredericka Manor, or purchasing a new bus for Casa de Mañana.

And most importantly, you can help your neighbors to continue to enjoy everything their communities have to offer through our Resident Assistance Program.

“After my husband’s death, our friends and neighbors were there to comfort me. However, I couldn’t bear to tell them about the financial stress his long illness had caused us. I soon found my income was insufficient to cover my monthly expenses. Now, the monthly credit that appears confidentially on my bill is a blessing and a wonderful reminder of the generosity of the Foundation’s donors, many of whom are my neighbors.”

We invite you to explore these and many more opportunities to make a real difference in the lives of your neighbors by going to the GIVE page and donating to the Pacific Homes Foundation. Or contact Foundation Executive Keith Church directly at 800-233-3709 or via email at