Volunteer Services

Be the world to someone.

FPWeb_180x180_volunteer.4d09457028d23Volunteering at Front Porch is a blast!

That’s because you’re treated like a professional, the work itself is incredibly rewarding and most of all, we go to great lengths to make sure it’s fun. Whether you’re looking to volunteer yourself, or are in need of some help, you’ve come to the right place.

“Volunteer” isn’t what you do; it’s who you are. What you do is far more amazing! And it’s uniquely different for each person. But no matter what you bring to us, it all starts with something genuinely Front Porch: understanding needs so we can meet them.

Since our communities are not cookie cutter, each one has its own unique volunteer needs. So we perform assessments, community-by-community. And we add to the mix all the equally important opportunities that take place in the wider community as well.

We see our volunteers as non-paid professionals. And we treat them the same way we do our paid staff. There’s a job description, an interview and an orientation on our Core Values and mission so each prospective volunteer fully understands the expectations for the job.

So if you’re here to learn about volunteering your time and talent, you might want to consider what work you enjoy doing, and what needs you think you can meet. And for those who think they have nothing to offer, we love what poet Heather Cortez has to say:

“To the world you may be one person. But to one person, you may be the world.”

Each of us can make a difference. And we believe two of the greatest skills we can possess are a willingness to try and a passion to help. Attitude is everything! So if something is fascinating to you and you want to get involved, we will train you.

Here’s just one of countless volunteer stories at Front Porch:

“I have volunteered for over 8,000 hours at schools, churches and hospitals, but it’s been my work at Walnut Village that has been the most rewarding and life changing. Whether it’s helping residents at the Nut Shell Shop or Mosaics bistro, I am there with a big smile and helping hand. I feel useful and needed, and my heart is happy.

What’s so amazing about Front Porch is that most of our residents are pretty sophisticated and they come to us with a plethora of skills, talents and incredible life experiences. And it’s really up to us to make sure all our opportunities are both fulfilling and fun for them.

For those who have come here to seek out volunteers, we welcome you. We love learning about opportunities both within our communities and out in the greater community beyond. We want to hear your new ideas too, and if they’re good, we’ll promote them.

There’s a whole world of volunteerism out there. So if you don’t find something with us right away, be sure to check back again in a couple of weeks. At Volunteer Services, we’re committed to helping you realize your dream of helping others.

For all your volunteer questions, contact Volunteer Services volunteers@frontporch.net.