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Our programs support older people in the Bay Area and throughout the country with access to connection programs, nutrition, affordable housing, and creative aging resources.


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Well Connected Español
Well Connected Español es un programa telefónico y en línea que ofrece actividades, educacion, conversacion amistosa y una varieddad de clases y grupos de apoyo para personas mayores, accesibles desede la comodidad de su hogar.

The Creative Aging Symposium
The Creative Aging Symposium celebrates how creativity shapes our sense of self and guides us to more purposeful living.

Creative Spark
Creative Spark energizes and inspires professionals in aging services. Through training and consultation, Creative Spark fosters new social engagement programs, elevates current ones and ultimately, creates lives better lived.

Market Day
Market Day makes it easier for older people to eat well by sponsoring pop-up farmers markets that sell fresh produce. Markets not only provide fresh fruits and vegetables but also often feature entertainment and a reason to connect and experience community.

Home Match
Home Match connects people with extra room in their homes with individuals looking for an affordable living option. Home providers gain extra security while helping people live in their community at a reduced cost. LEARN MORE.

Social Call
Social Call creates one-on-one connections by phone. Thoughful matches and weekly conversations create lasting friendships.

Well Connected
Well Connected connects older people throughout the country to share experiences, explore, and learn together through sessions accessible over the phone, computer, or mobile device. Well Connected offers programs seven days a week and 365 days a year.

Ruth’s Table

:Ruth’s Table increases access to creative opportunities for older adults and adults with disabilities, providing an inclusive and inspiring environment for creative expression and intergenerational connections.