About Us

Meeting needs is just the beginning.

FPWeb_180x180_whoweare.4ce5b9520ce3dFront Porch is a family of companies dedicated to responding to the changing needs of the many people we serve Our mission is to meet needs rather than to provide services, a distinction that’s fundamental to everything we do.

To illustrate what we mean, consider this: To meet your needs presumes we know what’s right for you. And we honestly can’t know that until we listen to you first. Whether we are developing a new community, partnering with another nonprofit to create success, or serving people directly through our Front Porch active adult and retirement communities, we know how important it is to listen and then create the community and experiences that are most meaningful to you.

That’s the Front Porch difference. And it’s a passion we’ve been pursuing since our inception when in 1999 three experienced nonprofit organizations came together in an innovative way to create Front Porch.

Front Porch was created in partnership and continues to thrive in partnership. The founding organizations, now Front Porch partners, continue to grow and strengthen their philanthropic missions to better serve the community with support from Front Porch.

We set out to be a different sort of nonprofit. We seek to “do good and do well,” to make a difference in the lives of those we serve and be fiscally responsible. We believe that takes the compassion of a big heart combined with a tough-minded determination.

To be successful, we recognize the need to be decisive and agile in our decision-making. Needs are ever changing, and we must be able to respond quickly. And while that can create a lot of unknowns, we strive to accept ambiguity as opportunity and often find clarity in it.

After all, we seek excellence at Front Porch, not perfection. That drives our people to take risks, some of which turn into amazing innovations.

We build our communities by believing in the individual. That’s what makes each place so unique – there’s nothing cookie-cutter about Front Porch. Everything we do must pass a simple test: Does this benefit our residents?

We’re people doing our best to meet the needs of boomers and beyond in our active adult and full-service retirement communities, and the needs of seniors, low-income families, people with developmental disabilities, and those diagnosed with chronic mental illness through affordable housing communities managed by CARING Housing Ministries, a division of Front Porch. We create innovative programs like the Front Porch Gallery and the Front Porch Center for Innovation and Wellbeing. We also meet the needs of our employees, our partners, our donors and the greater community beyond as well.

This unique combination of anticipating and meeting needs in an innovative way – including partnering with other nonprofits so they can serve even more people – is a big part of who we are as Front Porch.