Where fresh thinking thrives.

Innovationpage.4f870d8fe8695At Front Porch, we love meeting people’s needs. It really is our passion. And it’s not hard to understand why once you’ve experienced the thrill of helping individuals realize their dreams. It’s something you’ll want to do again and again.

And when you’re doing something you love, you strive to do it even better the next time. It’s that drive for excellence, to be the best we can be, that is the very definition of innovation at Front Porch. It’s bred into our culture as one of our six Core Values.

We strive to create services and solutions that respond effectively to changing needs, and to anticipate the desires of those who will seek our services in the future.

Lots of companies say they’re innovative, but we really work hard to be ahead of the curve. To take the important first step in figuring out where that curve is, then how we can get in front. And you’ll find that determination is reflected across the board here.

Like our Front Porch Center for Innovation and Wellbeing (FP CIW) where we collaborate with companies which work with staff and residents through the FP CIW to identify, test, and rapidly deploy solutions that help residents live more independent and fulfilling lives.

FP CIW is a great example of our Centers For Excellence approach, where people and resources come together to accomplish specific goals. Like strengthening community by encouraging individuals to create and share their art through the Front Porch Gallery.

All of these Centers For Excellence are designed to enrich our residents’ wellbeing in holistic ways.

Others are designed to grow and develop our employees, like our Front Porch University where they can customize their career curriculum, or our 5-STAR College where line staff learns service excellence concepts and how to teach them to their peers and managers.

And how does a values-driven company create a consistent culture with such a highly diverse workforce? We built an Ethics Service to help employees interpret our values, learn ethical decision-making skills and incorporate them into their working lives.

Even volunteering at Front Porch is looked at in an innovative way. Instead of being seen as a “warm body,” our volunteers are treated as a non-paid professionals who are interviewed, trained, and given work that’s as fulfilling as it is fun (it better be, or we’re not doing our job).

All of these innovations and more can be found in our Front Porch communities. Our belief in the spirit of the individual extends to the communities themselves, where each is given the freedom to experiment and find solutions to their own unique needs.

That means that every one of our 13 retirement and adult living communities is both an incubator and proving ground for new ideas, approaches and thinking. This multiplier effect gives us a wealth of great innovations that we can sort out and integrate across all communities.

Our drive to innovate also means anticipating the desires of those who will seek our services in the future. Needs are changing, and the next generation to retire – the Baby Boomers – see their retirement experience much differently than their parents.

We strive to do our best here at Front Porch, but how well are we doing? To answer that question, we created ENGAGE, A Front Porch Collaborative, our unique approach to measuring connectedness and engagement among residents and staff.

Yet the true measure of our success is making sure we’re realizing the dreams of everyone we serve – residents, employees and donors alike. We invite you to learn more about these innovations and look for more as you explore the many faces of Front Porch.