Our Standards

The importance of trust.

FPWeb_180x180_ourstandards.4d87e7061cf13At Front Porch, we strive to make a difference in the lives of each person we serve, each teammate we employ and each community we build – to improve the world we all share. Our vision is to preserve our not-for-profit heritage of “doing good and doing well.”

So we take our social, service and fiscal responsibilities very seriously, and strive as an organization to reach the highest standards. “Doing well” means we hold ourselves accountable to those who granted us the privilege of our not-for-profit status.

We put ourselves to the test, report our performance and celebrate our successes or remedy where we fall short. Our accountability process allows everyone to see just how well we’re achieving our vision. And it all begins by creating a consistent culture.

With our diverse workforce, Front Porch turns to its Ethics Service to help standardize how we interpret our Core Values. We also focus on character, dignity and respect; we train on kindness, and we learn to honor our residents’ choice first and foremost.

Employees that stand out across the organization are given leadership training and customer service training all in one. Our 5-STAR College teaches these “Stars” service excellence concepts, and how to professionally deliver them to their peers and managers.

These and other training and development efforts start to converge into a very strong cultural program at Front Porch. We hold up our best as shining examples for others to aspire to, and find ourselves intentionally living our Core Values on a day-to-day basis.

But it’s our residents who measure the true quality of our work. We do many satisfaction surveys to see how we’re doing, and when we meet our targets, we recognize performance in a way that motivates all communities to a better level of service.

This is ENGAGE, a Front Porch Collaborative, our unique approach to measuring connectedness and engagement among residents and staff.

And we let others know by producing an Organizational Accountability Annual Report that details these results and promotes our social and service responsibilities. It also tells how we’re doing on our licensing surveys and other quality compliance standards.

Add to this our Front Porch Governance & Management Report and Audit and you’ll have a complete picture of just how well we’re doing at Front Porch – a great resource for potential and current residents and our stakeholders.

We want everyone to know that we’re teaching our Core Values, and we’re holding ourselves accountable by measuring our performance and reporting it. We understand the importance of trust, and we’re doing everything we can to build and strengthen it.