Women’s Woven Voices Celebrates International Women’s Day


The power of storytelling is the spark behind Front Porch’s contribution to Women’s Woven Voices. Founded by artist Brecia Kralovic-Logan, Women’s Woven Voices is an international, collaborative art project that promotes women’s empowerment through writing, weaving, and sharing their stories. The woven tapestry of story cloths is from women all around the world to promote compassion for all while calling attention to the challenges woman face worldwide.

“When we share our life journeys and stories, we learn so much about one another,” said Front Porch Gallery Director Julie Weaverling. “We come to a new understanding when learning what others have been through and experienced. Our empathy is enhanced, and our assumptions are challenged. We become more connected as individuals and realize we are more alike, rather than different. We can also become inspired by someone else’s journey, which may move us to new action in our own lives.”

Resident Clarita Woodworth shows off her tree story cloth.

In honor of International Women’s Day on March 8, the Front Porch Gallery invites residents and staff to participate in creating a collaborative Front Porch tapestry for Women’s Woven Voices. Loom kits are available at all communities for residents and staff. Participants are also invited to share a brief statement of their life’s journey to accompany their weaving.

The project is not limited to women participants. “We hope to inspire some men to weave in honor of a woman/women in their lives,” Julie said. “In the end, I hope to have 300 weavings and will be adding a Front Porch charm to each one to signify and celebrate our project.”

The tapestry will be safely assembled and displayed at the Front Porch Gallery’s “Creating Meaning” exhibition on November 2, 2021 – January 8, 2022. After the exhibition, it will travel to all Front Porch communities for residents and staff to enjoy. Eventually, the Front Porch tapestry will be incorporated into the bigger Women’s Woven Voices tapestry project to be displayed at women’s conferences, museums, and hopefully the United Nations in New York City.

In addition, there will be two Zoom sessions with Brecia Kralovic-Logan and Front Porch residents on March 8. During the calls, residents will share their weavings and Brecia will discuss the Women’s Woven Voices project and her collaboration with the Front Porch Gallery.

Many residents completed a number of weavings early and have already asked for more loom kits. Carlsbad By The Sea resident Kitty Sparrow wanted to be part of a global art project. “I enjoyed weaving and selecting colors,” she said. “Watching it evolve as it grows is similar to our life changes over the years.”

Casa de Mañana resident Martha Graham Erickson’s weaving was inspired by the Pacific Ocean. “I am a native Californian and the ocean holds a special place in my heart. I chose blues for the ocean and shells for the embellishment,” Martha said. “As we age, it is especially important to feel respected and listened to. Oftentimes, older adults have lost someone in their life, and they experience grief and loneliness. They need to feel connected to others by listening to and learning from our individual stories.”

For Sunny View resident Maggie Timeus, her mother was a great inspiration to her growing up. She taught her how to be productive but also to be a good person and friend at the same time. “Memories like these are treasures and it is good to share our treasures with others,” Maggie said.

Front Porch Gallery Director Julie Weaverling first met Brecia Kralovic-Logan when she invited her to speak as part of the fiber arts exhibition last year. After learning about the Women’s Woven Voices project, she was immediately intrigued and knew it was a great opportunity for Front Porch residents to not only create but to create meaning by being a part of something larger than themselves. “This is a Front Porch wide project to build connection among residents, staff, friends, family, and the greater community,” Julie said.

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