Who we are.

At Front Porch, we love what we do: we create community by believing in the individual. We nurture, sustain, grow, and strengthen communities, too, ensuring that each one is as unique as the individuals who live and work there. We also believe in the power of partnership. As an innovative not-for-profit family of companies and communities, we expand our community connections through these relationships. Read on to learn about who we are, what we stand for, and what makes our Humanly Possible culture special.

Meeting needs

That’s where we begin.

Front Porch is dedicated to doing everything Humanly Possible® to meet the dynamic interests and changing needs of the many people we serve.

Our mission to understand, anticipate, and meet these needs is fundamental to everything we do.

Whether we’re developing a new community, partnering with another company to create success, or serving people directly through our Front Porch communities, we know how important it is to listen. And only then can we create the experiences that are most meaningful to the individuals we serve.

That’s the Front Porch difference. And it’s a passion we’ve been pursuing since our inception in 1999 when three experienced not-for-profit organizations came together in an innovative way. Created in partnership, Front Porch continues to thrive in partnership with the founding organizations—now Front Porch partners—who continually grow their philanthropic missions to better serve the community.

Our culture

Holding ourselves accountable.

We strive to make a difference in the lives of each person we serve, each teammate we employ, each community we build, and each partnership we make. This is our vision, rooted in a commitment to do everything humanly possible to meet needs now and in the future.

We take our social, service, and fiscal responsibilities seriously. We work together to reach the highest standards based on the principles of engagement and feedback from the individuals we serve.

We put ourselves to the test, report our performance, and celebrate our successes, and remedy any shortcomings. Our accountability process allows everyone to see how well we’re achieving our vision. And it all begins by creating a consistent culture.

Ethics and Compliance Service engages colleagues in practicing integrity, evaluating values in conflict, and understanding important ethical concepts like honoring residents’ choice, embracing philosophies on differing abilities, whole-person wellbeing, and creating a culture of kindness.

We formed Front Porch University as a learning organization. Its slogan is “not a place, but a culture.” Through our 5-STAR College, employees that stand out across the organization are given continuous leadership training and customer service training. We engage, inspire, and emphasize service excellence in all of its many forms. These training and development efforts converge into a strong cultural program that focuses on intentionally living our Core Values on a day-to-day basis.

It’s the residents who measure the true quality of their experience and the work we do to support it. With that in mind, we introduced ENGAGE—a Front Porch collaborative. It’s our unique approach to measuring connectedness and engagement among residents and staff as a key metric for determining how well we’re creating meaningful experiences. It is an inspiring endeavor that recognizes best practices, fresh ideas, and new thinking in how to best meet the needs of the individuals we serve.

Finally, our Front Porch Social Accountability Impact Report demonstrates the incredible talents and impacts that our residents and staff have on their community and the world.

Our management team

Inspiring leadership.