Humanly Possible®

We’re all about possibility. Every day, we put our energy and ideas to work, doing all we can to improve lives through cause-based innovation. We call this commitment Humanly Possible®.

Through creativity, technology and human ingenuity, we are advancing the bounds of what it means to live well in community. Our Humanly Possible® commitment informs all we do, instilling in our work the limitlessness of the good that people can do for others.

Group of residents doing exercises at Cantebury Woods

Senior resident using VR headset

For 15 years, we’ve explored creative and meaningful ways to help people live and age well. As a signature program of Humanly Possible®, the center calls like-minded organizations to partnership, putting new and established technology solutions to work to benefit individuals in our communities and beyond.

Man transferring a beautiful plant

Impact Stories

Fresh orange being peeled

Engaging, Enriching Aging

Webster House in Palo Alto leads in sustainable senior living, emphasizing local sourcing and community engagement. Our Boat2Table program offers fresh seafood, while Tower Gardens cultivate produce. We combat food waste, benefiting the environment and the local economy.

Senior woman holding large stuffed animal in char

Compassion and Community

At the Summer House in Vista del Monte, Santa Barbara, we’ve created a unique space for Alzheimer’s residents. Our program combines sensory experiences with engaging technology like touch screens, virtual reality, and the iN2L system. These tools facilitate meaningful interactions.

Outdoor portrait photo of Da’Shonda and Linda

Social Connection

This story introduces Da’Shonda and Linda, an amazing match made through Home Match, who have developed a close bond. Home Match prioritizes social compatibility and connects homeowners like Linda, a vibrant 71-year-old, with compatible roommates, addressing rising housing costs in Marin County.

Woman planting with pots at Webster House

Gestures of Generosity

Our foundation’s Circle of Friends funds represent our caring community of supportive residents who assist neighbors in financial need. Through contributions and special events, the foundation fosters lasting friendships and the funds create a safety net and the true essence of community.