Circle of Friends Provides a Safety Net for Residents in Need

Imagine having a group of friends who care deeply about you and are there for you, especially during challenging times. Imagine a Circle of Friends. This spirit is exemplified by the funds that provide support to residents who have outlived their resources. These resident assistance funds, known as the Circle of Friends, embody the genuine sense of community that exists for Front Porch residents.

Through Front Porch Communities Foundation’s Circle of Friends funds, neighbors extend their care and assistance to one another when they need it most. Since the very first Front Porch communities opened their doors, residents and their family members have shown their support for the Circle of Friends through annual contributions and gifts made through wills or estate plans.

Front Porch communities support and celebrate the Circle of Friends in various ways. Recently, residents at five Front Porch communities came together for a special dinner aimed at raising awareness and support for the Circle of Friends. The Foundation collaborated with Morrison Community Living, the executive chefs from Spring Lake Village (Santa Rosa), St. Paul’s Towers (Oakland), Webster House (Palo Alto), San Francisco Towers and Walnut Village (Anaheim), as well as a committee of residents, to create a unique menu for the occasion. Residents gathered together, fostering new friendships, cherishing old ones and learning more about the Circle of Friends.

Other communities also place significant emphasis on resident assistance funds. Many Front Porch communities in Southern California educate residents during Philanthropy Week and engage in specific outreach efforts to raise funds for assisting those in need. The philanthropy committees are firmly engaged in the mission to ensure that residents who have outlived their resources receive the support they require.

The Circle of Friends resident assistance funds embody the compassionate spirit of a community that looks out for one another. The funds provide a safety net for residents facing financial difficulties and offer a sense of security and peace of mind. By fostering a strong sense of camaraderie and support, Front Porch communities continue to empower their residents to live fulfilling lives, knowing that they are part of a compassionate Circle of Friends.