Month: January 2023

Spiritual Care is Just as Important as Care for Mind and Body at Vista del Monte

Traditionally, conversations about health and well-being focus on the mind and body, but spiritual health is also important. Spiritual health is nurtured by seeking meaning, purpose, and transcendence throughout the lifespan. “Some people’s spirituality is deeply rooted in organized religion,” said the Rev. Laura Mancuso, Spiritual Life Director at Vista del Monte retirement community. “Others

Cellists at St. Paul’s Towers Bring Back Bach

Whether they’re playing Bach, Beethoven, or Brahms, Jim Bloom and Ruth Belvin savor every moment. The two St. Paul’s Towers residents and long-time cellists are giving an encore of their diverse musical careers. With the help of a professional coach, Jim and Ruth dive into some of classical music’s greatest hits every week. Most recently,