Residents to Gather in Support of Resident Assistance Fund

Residents at many of the Northern California life plan communities will gather on June  9, 2022 to enjoy a special dinner together to raise awareness and support of the Front Porch Communities Foundation’s Northern California resident assistance funds, called the “Circle of Friends.”

Circle of Friends

The Foundation and a committee of residents will team up with dining partner Morrison, the executive chefs of Spring Lake Village (Santa Rosa), St. Paul’s Towers (Oakland), Webster House (Palo Alto), and San Francisco Towers to design a special menu for the meal. All residents will be invited to share a meal with friends at their community and learn about the Foundation’s assistance fund, which provides support for residents who outlive their resources.

Front Porch’s Southern California communities also support resident assistance funds. Resident Assistance, also called “benevolence” or “charitable care” at some communities, is a core philanthropic program of Front Porch Communities Foundation.

For decades, residents of Front Porch communities have supported their neighbors in need by giving to these programs. The residents of Vista del Monte in Santa Barbara have been particularly dedicated to supporting this cause. Spurred into action out of appreciation for their long-time executive director, Charles Frazier, the residents of Vista del Monte started their campaign to endow their resident assistance program in 1999. Thanks to their efforts and generosity, the Charles E. Frazier Resident Assistance Endowment Fund sits at nearly $3.5 million.

The safety net that resident assistance programs provide offers peace of mind to residents at all the supported communities. Giving to your local resident assistance program through Front Porch Communities Foundation ensures that this safety net will remain in place in the future.

As one resident put it succinctly, “Any of us could have the need.”

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