On April 1, 2021 Front Porch’s philanthropic partners formerly operating as FACT Foundation, Pacific Homes Foundation and Sunny View Foundation have merged to form the Front Porch Communities Foundation.

The values of community and caring have been a hallmark through the years of charitable gifts made by residents and friends through those foundation partners. Through joining together, this culture of generosity will continue to grow and gifts will always be used as intended by our supporters. For more information or to donate, please call: 818.254.4096 or use the buttons below.

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For more information about California Lutheran Homes and Community Services, click HERE. For more information about the HEART  (Helping Employees At Risk Today) Fund, click HERE.


“There is no more noble an occupation in the world than to assist another human being—to help someone succeed.”
–Alan McGinnis

Faith in action.

Californian Lutheran Homes (CLH) is an independent, not-for-profit social ministry organization. Our Lutheran roots go back to 1947, and our mission is to put faith into action by providing a wide array of services to people in need.

And while what we do is certainly important, it’s how we’re able to accomplish it that really inspires. Thanks to people donating time and financial resources through our Foundation, we’re able to expand our support to the following programs.

Affordable Housing

Through our work with CARING Housing Ministries, CLH sponsors affordable housing to low-income families with children, people with developmental disabilities, and those with chronic mental illness, and mobility and hearing impairments.

CLH Auxiliary

Our auxiliary provides opportunities for our constituents to experience the rewards of volunteerism by running a resident store, planning events, comforting residents in our care centers, or applying their time and talents to needs in the greater community.

CLH Foundation

For the residents of our foundation-sponsored retirement communities of Walnut Village in Anaheim, and Carlsbad By The Sea in Carlsbad, our Foundation makes life-enhancing benefits and services possible—like assisting those facing financial hardship so they can continue to enjoy the security and comfort of their home in our retirement communities. Or helping employees through scholarships so they can complete their education and realize their dreams.

Our Foundation also encourages the creation and sharing of art to strengthen community through Front Porch Gallery, and helps research and develop solutions to meet older adults’ needs through the Front Porch Center for Innovation and Wellbeing.

With a variety of social ministries, we’re sure we can assist you in matching your dreams for philanthropy, whether it’s leaving a lasting legacy in the community in which you live, or being a true hero to disenfranchised or disabled individuals who might need a home.

Your faith in action—whether directed to a specific program or the area of greatest need—has the power to comfort and make a real difference in someone’s life. We are grateful for your gift of time, talent, and we treasure however you may choose to give.

You can make a difference to an entire community by helping finance an affordable housing project, renovate a chapel, remodel a dining room, fund chaplain services, or purchase a bus, piano, or exercise equipment at a retirement community. Or you can touch the life of a single individual. Here’s a story about Betsy, one of our residents.

As of now, I have ‘new ears’ to hear with! Thanks to a grant from CLH Foundation, I will hopefully be able to join in a conversation without first asking, ‘What did you say?’ My heartfelt thank you for the assistance that made this possible.

Contact Foundation Executive Jill Hammer at 1.800.233.3709 or by email using the link below.

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Helping Employees At Risk Today

At Front Porch, we are a company of givers. We give our talents, love, kindness, care, and support every day. We also know that there are times when our team members need support as well. That is what motivates us to offer the HEART Fund.

A special emergency fund designed to assist Front Porch employees who have experienced an unforeseen financial hardship due to an illness, death in the family, or loss of a home caused by a natural disaster, our HEART Fund is a benefit offered to our employees.

Contact Foundation Executive Keith Church at 1.800.233.3709 or by email using the link below.

and growing.

Partnership and philanthropy are woven into the fabric of Front Porch. We are, by nature, a company of givers. In so many ways we see the results of teamwork and giving—from funding innovations and new programs to the lasting legacy of donor gifts. We grow in generosity.

Doing more,

Front Porch is built on the power of partnership. As a not-for-profit organization, we work with other organizations and individuals whose hallmark of service and philanthropy defines the way they work. Together, we are dedicated to excellence, helping others, and improving quality of life. It’s upon this strong foundation that the lives of so many individuals can flourish.

Volunteer services

Be the world to someone.

Find enormously rewarding work. Enjoy yourself. Be of service. We believe that among the greatest skills we possess are the willingness to try and a passion to help. And we know that each of us can make a difference through volunteerism.

We see our volunteers as professionals, and we treat them as we do our staff: with job descriptions, interviews, and orientation. We also believe that attitude is everything, so if you have an interest and want to get involved but lack experience, we’ll provide training.

For questions about volunteering, please contact volunteer services at 818.254.4258 or email us at volunteers@frontporch.net.

“I have volunteered for over 8,000 hours at schools, churches and hospitals, but it’s been my work at Walnut Village that has been the most rewarding and life changing. Whether it’s helping residents at the Nutshell shop or Mosaics bistro, I’m there with a smile and a helping hand. I feel useful and needed, and my heart is happy.”

– Walnut Village Volunteer

Get in touch with us.

If you are interested in partnering with us, working with us, or visiting one of our communities to see if it’s a good fit for you or someone you love, please reach out using the form below, or by calling 1.800.233.3709. We look forward to hearing from you. Learn more about Front Porch.