Appreciating Those Who Care

Resident generosity and commitment are celebrated in each Front Porch retirement community in a special way. The Honor Rolls in the legacy Covia communities and the Trees of Life at the legacy Front Porch communities allow the Front Porch Communities Foundation to recognize and appreciate supporters.

At Carlsbad By The Sea, residents who were newly added to the Tree of Life were honored at a celebration. CBTS Philanthropy Chair Clara Wentland also recognized Don and Joyce Harvey as philanthropists of the year. Don accepted the honor in memory of his wife who recently passed away.

Each display tells a story of community, how current residents and those who came before them have made generous gifts to make their communities into what they are today. For many who make gifts to improve their communities and care for others, the Honor Roll or Tree of Life is a way to show their pride in their contribution and connection to others who believe in the same mission. For others, like Casa de Mañana resident Linda Shaw, being on the Tree of Life is a way to pay tribute to her late husband, Allan. “I recently learned the extraordinary story of Casa team member Miriam Roldan and her daughter, who each received a scholarship from Casa to further their education,” Linda said. “I was so moved that I made a gift to the Casa de Futuro Fund to support scholarships for children of Casa team members. And knowing that Allan’s name is now on the Tree of Life at Casa makes the experience that much more special to me.”

Long before she moved in, Jean Owen visited teachers and friends at Villa Gardens and admired the Tree of Life mounted near the front lobby. When she moved to Villa Gardens and learned she could become a Gold Leaf honoree by committing a gift from her repayable entrance fee, she was excited to receive the honor.

“We are the leading edge of aging well, and this is my part of ensuring this legacy for others,” Jean said. “I want to be a part of building community as I am aging.”

“It is so moving to see the displays honoring residents whose charitable gifts make a difference in their communities and provide assistance to neighbors in need,” said Katharine Miller, the Foundation’s executive director. “We are always grateful that a resident allows us to honor their contributions in this way, so their caring can be an inspiration for others in the future.”