Son Honors Mother by Supporting Circle of Friends

Dixie Harvey’s son Stan recalls that his mother wanted to find a place to live that would be able to care for her until the end of her life. After a thoughtful search, she found her home at Spring Lake Village.

She especially enjoyed the beautiful scenery and her view of the courtyard, as well as the proximity to Stan, who lived nearby in Santa Rosa.

Stan is grateful to the staff of Spring Lake Village and the Front Porch organization for the support his mother received while she was a member of the community.

“I appreciated the friendliness and continuity of the team members at Spring Lake Village, a sign of a very well-run organization,” Stan said. “The people who cared for my mother were committed, caring and engaged. I also loved that it was a nonprofit organization that clearly prioritized the needs of the community.”

Dixie lived at Spring Lake Village for eight years, moving into Assisted Living shortly before her death in 2022.

During her time at Spring Lake Village, she always shared the community news with Stan, including copies of the Front Porch Communities Foundation newsletter, Community Matters.

“I enjoyed reading about what was happening in the larger organization, and when I read about the Circle of Friends resident assistance fund, I just thought it was a really great idea and a wonderful cause,” Stan said. “I thought about my own mother and how much stress she would have been under, without me as her back stop, with having to pay bills and worry about running out of resources.

When she passed away, making a gift to the Circle of Friends was a way to honor my mother, but also a way to pay back some of our good fortune by helping others who might not have the support my mother did.”