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Creativity inspires. The impact of creativity in our work and our daily lives shows up in so many ways—changing our perspectives, our relationships, our ideas about ourselves and the way we see the world. At Front Porch, we use creativity as a tool, a lens and an important means of bringing people together.

Grounded in creative aging research and techniques, Creative Spark provides interactive trainings for organizations that work with older people and those with disabilities, using creative engagement to shift perspectives, retain inspired staff and enrich people’s lives.

Woman throwing a pot

Two older adults in festive attire ride in open car

At this annual virtual event, people come together to explore how creative thinking helps us age with joy, purpose and a vibrant sense of self. The symposium is an immersive reminder of the power of creativity.

Occupying a welcoming space next door to our Carlsbad By The Sea community, this distinctive gallery is where visitors can engage with painting, photography, sculpture, textile art and more, in exhibits showcasing the work of older artists. Here, the representation is as inspiring as the art itself.

Creativity builds community. And as the participants at Ruth’s Table will tell you, that’s just one of the many benefits to be had at this unique intergenerational gathering space. For 15 years the arts center has invited older adults and adults with disabilities to produce their own art and enjoy the work of others.

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