Hello and welcome to the Front Porch FY 2019-20 Impact Report

Front Porch and its communities are built on the energy, creativity and compassion of its residents and staff.
Organization-wide, we continue our commitment of doing everything Humanly Possible®, to meet our residents’ and communities’ needs. This year’s Impact Report captures that commitment.
We thank our residents, staff and philanthropic partners for making a difference!

Front Porch is a values and mission-driven organization with a commitment to integrity in all that we do.

Our Ethics Service promotes our Core Values and an awareness of and practical application for ethical decision making through the Front Porch ethics advisory board and regional ethics advocates.

Customer satisfaction Integrity in Relationships Individual, Initiative, Expression and Creativity Teamwork and Trust Fiscal Responsibility Innovative Services (and Products)


Impact Through

We had the
honor to serve


in our independent
living, assisted living
and memory care.

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We had the
honor to serve


in our 26 affordable housing communities, managed by CARING Housing Ministries.

Part of Front Porch, CARING Housing Ministries enjoys a reputation as one of the most respected and innovative companies in the affordable housing service field.

We had the
honor to serve

Patient Days

in our rehabilitation
and care centers with
49% on Medi-Cal.

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We had the
honor to serve with

of the Best

who share their talents, love,
kindness, care and
support everyday.

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We provide

Strength of

with social
connectedness at
our 12 retirement
and active adult

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Impact Through
We are a company of givers …

We had


number of gifts

total donated

For times when our team
members need support we offer …
The HEART Fund, a special fund designed to assist Front Porch employees who have experienced an unforeseen financial hardship due to an illness, death in the family or loss of a home caused by a natural disaster.
Heart Fund
A fundraiser to reach the Mt. Baldy 10,064-foot summit raised more than $17,000 for the HEART Fund for a total of $71,714 for the FY.

Team members tested their hearts (and lungs) on the hike and found they could surmount just about anything, when they do it together.

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We helped provide holiday cheer at
282 low-income households.
Through Operation Snowflake, four of our CARING Housing Ministries managed communities received $19,500 of donations. Snowflake donors provide requested gifts of the needs and wants of each child and gift cards to supplement other needs such as groceries.
Thanks to the generosity of our residents, our Foundations are able to fund scholarships to help employees and their children receive post-high-school training and tuition for college.
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Residents gave 122 scholarships
totaling $142,315
We offer resident assistance funds.
$336,724 was raised for residents in need.
These funds assist Front Porch retirement community residents who have outlived their financial resources.
Thank you.
Our amazing resident volunteers, staff and community volunteers donated 111,280 hours.
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Impact Through
Annually, CARING Housing Ministries organizes staff team-building development programs for community outreach projects. This resulted in raising more than $19,000 for 22 organizations that serve people and animals in need.
Sunny View’s Community Outreach Program made care packages for 35 local homeless families as part of Family Supportive Housing.
Front Porch Gallery is dedicated to the belief that art creates community.
“Front Porch Gallery has been very enriching for me from my solo exhibit to being in several resident exhibits. The catalogs of our artwork are so enjoyable and have been beautifully produced. These are wonderful ways to continue our creativity.”
— Carol, Front Porch resident
To celebrate the 100-year anniversary of the 19th Amendment, guaranteeing American women the right to vote, Villa Gardens resident Nan Johnson spear-headed a float entry in the Tournament of Roses Parade.
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More than 100 resident groups helped people in need.
Residents Change Lives Around the World.
To aid animals affected by the fires in Australia, Walnut Village residents knit nests for displaced baby birds and sewed mittens for koalas with burnt paws.

New app helps residents and staff stay connected.

With the K4Connect communications platform app, residents can easily access community notices, news, events, menus, directories, surveys and resources. They can send messages to each other and staff all through their mobile device, computer or iPad.
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“Great tool. I am visually impaired and it is the fastest way I can keep in touch. I can check out the menu, events, videos, and news at a click of the mouse.”
— Kathy, Front Porch resident
Impact Through

Exploring innovative uses of technology to empower individuals to thrive, particularly as we age.

Here are some impact stories.

Center for Innovation and Wellbeing

The Sensory Room

We built a voice-powered immersive experience for residents with memory loss that decreases anxiety and agitation and provides a feeling of calm to relax, engage and re-energize.

“It’s used as a medication free approach for sun downing or when a resident is generally feeling anxious or agitated.”

— Carolina, Front Porch employee

Video is a powerful storytelling tool to help connect, engage and share.

Partnering with OneDay, a simple video app, employees can easily and professionally capture resident stories, showcase community events and document staff professional development in order to build community.

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Front Porch employees, using virtual reality equipment supplied by Embodied Labs, stepped into the shoes of older adults living with Alzheimer’s Disease, low vision and end-of-life transitions.

“I can teach my staff how to do the technical parts of nursing and caregiving, but it’s harder to prepare them for the realities residents are experiencing.”

– JoAnn, RN, Front Porch employee

A Front Porch employee took the initiative and proved the impact that strength training has on fall prevention in order to secure new strength training equipment for residents.

Impact Through

Our 7 Care Centers are Medicare rated.

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services ratings are based on health inspections, staffing and quality measures.

With the intent to inspire and measure engagement among residents and staff, we have “ENGAGE: a Front Porch Collaborative,” a dynamic assessment program that measures the level of engagement of our residents and staff.

We celebrate, acknowledge, share ideas and encourage engagement as an important quality dimension at all Front Porch communities.

The Front Porch Compliance Program promotes an ethical organizational culture with a commitment to compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.

Impact Through
Employee Engagement

We initiated a management training program, Managers in Motion, that focuses on leadership skills and enhances the leadership conversation with our mid-managers around topics of accountability, teamwork and trust and conflict resolution.

“I have noticed a remarkable change in my reactions to incidents and also how I interact under stress. I am very grateful for all the guidance given and the support from other staff.”

— Sudha, Front Porch employee

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Managers in Motion

5-STAR College, a vibrant program within our Front Porch culture, focuses on developing emerging line-staff leaders. The program provides training in communication, teaming and customer service skills as well as builds confidence in speaking and leadership. 26% of 5-STAR College graduates have been promoted.

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These star employees facilitated service excellence training to our more than 2,000 staff members.

We are challenging all of Front Porch to experiment, be open and try and accept new ideas.

The Front Porch culture encourages its employees to experiment, innovate and create.

The results were 50 unique projects to meet needs!