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 FY 2020-21 Impact Report

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Strength of Community

Front Porch and its communities are built on the energy, creativity and compassion of our residents and staff.

Front Porch is a values and mission-driven, non-profit organization with a commitment to integrity in all that we do.

It was no doubt a difficult year as the world faced the COVID-19 pandemic. However, at Front Porch, the strength of community and spirit of the individual was never more evident than during these challenging times.

We are thankful to our residents, whose patience and resilience showed true spirit and strength. We are equally grateful to our staff for their commitment to the safety and security of our residents. Your courageous response is the value of a true community.

While we move forward toward a brighter future, we will not forget those residents, staff, family and friends we lost due to COVID-19. We remember all of them with fondness and respect and our hearts go out to their friends and family members.

To our boards of directors, partners and family members who entrust us with the care of their loved ones, we thank you for your unwavering support.

Organization-wide, we continue our commitment of doing everything Humanly Possible®, to encourage employees to experiment, innovate and create to meet our residents’ and communities’ needs while following safety protocols. The pandemic tested the tenets of Humanly Possible like no other time and we are proud to say the resilience of our staff shined through.

This year’s Impact Report captures that commitment and resilience with only a glimpse of all the amazing stories at our communities.

Man Lifting Weights

We had the honor to serve …


Residents in our 12 retirement and active adult communities including independent living, assisted living and memory care accommodations.


Residents in our 26 affordable housing communities, managed by CARING Housing Ministries.


Resident patient days in our rehabilitation and care centers with 49% receiving assistance through Medi-Cal.

Heroes Work Here

Much of our strength resides within our …


Employees, who share their energy, creativity, flexibility and compassion every day.

Community Impact

We Hit the Ground Running!

When COVID-19 hit, Front Porch moved quickly to adapt. “No doubt about it, the biggest challenge is social isolation,” said Kingsley Manor Life Enrichment Assistant Carlina Burgos.

Staff helped residents stay engaged and connected, offering a range of opportunities including educational lectures, current event discussions, book clubs, cooking demonstrations, tea parties, music appreciation, fitness classes and mindfulness exercises — all done virtually in accordance with safety requirements.

“We had to hit the ground running right away to find innovative ways to do things we used to do in-person but now, needed to be done virtually or socially distanced,” said Kingsley Manor Life Enrichment Director Raymond Ruiz.

Lady on Tablet

A Sunny View resident participates in a Strength of Community chat using Zoom. Many residents embraced using Zoom and similar technologies for the first time.

‘Strength of Community’ Chats Connect Residents and Staff

Although the pandemic restricted many of our traditional activities, it also inspired new ideas that will certainly continue. Strength of Community video chats established new connections among our communities as residents from throughout Front Porch shared about their pets, love and friendship, or what they learned during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Sidewalk Chalk Spreads Messages of Love and Encouragement

Residents and staff wrote inspiring messages along walking paths, on rocks and on sidewalks to bring people smiles, lift spirits and show support. These messages also encouraged people to safely go outside and keep moving.

“It reminded me that there is always hope and this too will pass. The clouds will move and the sun will come out.”

— Claremont Manor staff member Lisa W.

‘Phone Tree’ Keeps Fredericka Manor Residents Connected

“We need communication among residents during these trying times so the phone tree is very important. Both the callers and the residents they are calling benefit from the connection and from meeting each other,” Fredericka Manor resident Grace Johnson said.

During the past year, callers averaged two to three calls each week to their assigned residents. Callers check on fellow residents’ wellbeing, catch up on the latest family news, community happenings, offer encouragement or just say a quick hello.

Woman with Dog

Family and Friends Send Mobile Messages of Love and Encouragement

During times when community visitation was limited, staff hosted family and friends parades. Loved ones decorated their cars with messages of love and encouragement while residents waved and blew kisses in return. It was a joyous and heartwarming occasion!

“Everyone looked to be having a good time. And it was fun for us. Really fun!”Vista del Monte resident Peggy A.


The Collaborative Quilt Project:
Out of Many, One

Ten Front Porch communities create 10 unique quilts plus one incredible story.

In the early months of the pandemic, a creative group of Vista del Monte residents made the most of their “stay at home” time by using their leftover yarn to knit unique appliqued quilt squares to be part of a community quilt.

The project quickly spread to other Front Porch communities and, with encouragement and guidance from the Front Porch Gallery, The Collaborative Quilt Project was born. Resident representatives led collaborative monthly Zoom meetings where they discussed different approaches to not only the type of quilt they wanted but also how to engage participants and contributors. Residents organized and executed this project with community support affirming Front Porch Gallery’s belief that art creates community.

Quilts Quilts Quilts
The Kitchen Table Art Project - Front Porch Gallery

Through Front Porch Gallery, The Kitchen Table Art Project was born, once again proving necessity to be the mother of invention. The program connects residents with one another and creates a greater community beyond their own. Residents join in twice-monthly Zoom meetings where they explore creativity, learn new art techniques, share their latest projects, receive feedback and encourage one another to create art.

Guest speakers and Zoom tours contribute to each new gallery exhibition with artwork using media as diverse as printmaking, book arts, painting, papier-mâché, origami and recycled art.

Let the Olympic Games Begin!

The delay of the 2020 Summer Olympic Games did not deter Vista del Monte residents and staff from healthy competition.

They stayed active, energized and kept their sense of humor with a Summer Olympics of their own. Residents challenged themselves in both physical and brain fitness activities and even sang a rousing rendition of the National Anthem safely on the lawn during closing ceremonies.


We Keep on Celebrating!

Front Porch communities celebrated many milestone birthdays, including those for 50 residents turning 100 or more.

For Claremont Manor resident Olive Hutchison’s 100th birthday, staff reached out to Olive’s family and created a wonderful Zoom party with a beautiful slide show of Olive’s life that included photos of her as a child actress. Staff delivered birthday cupcakes to residents’ homes so everyone could celebrate. Olive’s family, some living across the country, were grateful they could share this special day with her.

Happy 100th Birthday

Residents Demonstrate Resilience by Moving Forward in Creative Ways During Difficult Times

Steve Held

Carlsbad By The Sea resident Steve Held started a drumming class to the delight of his fellow residents. The class is not about inspiring successful drumming, but rather inspiring successful living. The quest for wellbeing begins by discovering one’s personal rhythm.


Walnut Village resident Chimers brought music safely to all by strolling through the community’s courtyard.

Carol Abbe

Casa de Mañana resident Carol Abbe played her ukulele at the 4th Annual Resident and Staff Virtual Talent Show.

Ruth Moore

Villa Gardens Health Center resident Ruth Moore kept spirits high by playing the piano almost daily. Even residents who were unable to leave their rooms could hear her beautiful music from the hallway.

Staying Connected Through Virtual Visits

For residents who need technology assistance to connect with family, Front Porch communities schedule virtual visits and provide the iPads to do so. Fredericka Manor Care Center scheduled 3,623 virtual visits.

When pandemic restrictions subsided, communities offered outdoor visits with family and friends. Connecting with families by seeing them and hearing their voices gave hope, comfort, fun and a sense of purpose to residents.

“The pandemic may have changed some things, but it has not ‘infected’ or affected our friendships. Our creative staff has kept us engaged with virtual activities. They have even helped us use technology to stay connected with our friends and family.”

— Fredericka Manor residents Tracy and Steve M.

Virtual Visits
Purposeful Living

Residents’ Butterfly Conservation Project Creates Impact on Environment

Since she was young, Naomi Sobo has loved animals. Now a resident at Wesley Palms, she continues to share her passion for conservation by spearheading an effort to save the monarch butterfly.

Self-educated in the plight of the monarch and having learned much from other members of the Wesley Palms Butterfly Garden Group, Naomi requested Wesley Palms plant milkweed, the sole host plant of the monarch, to form her community’s first butterfly garden, aptly called “Monarch Haven.”

Her efforts have inspired residents living at other Front Porch communities to plant milkweed and create their own butterfly havens.

Residents Knit, Crochet, Quilt and Sew for a Purpose


Front Porch residents have turned their love of sewing into difference-making endeavors.

Jane Patchett

Claremont Manor resident Jane Patchett not only knits scarves for residents in the Care Center but she also knits sweaters for Knit for Kids, an organization that unites knitters to fight poverty. Her handmade items are sent to children in Afghanistan, Burundi, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Haiti, Lesotho, Mali and The Bronx, NY.

Carlsbad By The Sea residents creatively sew quilts, dresses and more for those in need all over the world.


Residents Donate to the Homeless

Food Drive

A Claremont Manor resident hosted a very successful food drive with donations going to a shelter sponsored by the Lion’s Club.

Girl Eating Spaghetti

Walnut Village residents donated pasta and sauce to Caterina’s Club, which provides warm meals to people who are homeless and low-income families throughout Southern California.

Villa Gardens residents assembled hygiene kits for people who are homeless that were then sent to churches in the Los Angeles area for distribution.

Hygiene Kits
Clothing Donations

Clothing Donations Bring Dignity of Work to Many

Walnut Village residents donated clothing to Working Wardrobes of Irvine, which helps men, women, young adults and veterans overcome difficult challenges so they can achieve the dignity of work.

Seniors Cheer Seniors During ‘Operation Graduation’

Fredericka Manor residents and staff shared encouraging words and their own graduation photos in support of the senior class of 2020, who missed many traditional milestones such as the prom and traditional graduation celebrations.

Ron and Barbara
Ron Barbara
Do not regret what you wish you had done, but didn’t. Do not regret what you did and wish you hadn’t.
— Ron K. and Barbara S.
Expect the unexpected. I guess we are all learning that lesson now.
– Laurel P.
Impact Through Quality

Front Porch Meets Needs Through Compliance and Conduct

Front Porch strives to make a difference in the lives of each person we serve, teammate we employ, each community we own and manage, and each partnership we make. Our compliance program oversees the issues, laws, regulations and guidelines that are relevant to a provider of senior services including residential, assisted living, memory care and skilled nursing services.

Our Code of Conduct is a shared responsibility that applies to every person at every level of our organization. This includes employees, the board of directors, volunteers, independent contractors, subcontractors and vendors who may provide or are involved with healthcare or billing.

Code of Conduct

Communication Connects Residents with Family and Friends

Front Porch helped communities keep residents, family and staff informed and connected on a daily basis on changing conditions caused by the pandemic by using ReGroup, an emergency response communication system.

Front Porch communities sent …

431,271 Text Messages
273,800 Emails

Before April 2020 No One Knew What PPE Was; What a Difference a Year Makes

To keep staff and residents safe, Front Porch purchased $2,974,250 worth of personal protective equipment (PPE).


Front Porch Communities Delivered More Than 2,500,000 Meals to Residents

In addition to delivering daily meals, communities delighted residents with special menus, birthday cakes, wine and cheese, farmers’ market deliveries, surprise ice cream deliveries and more.

“Thanks to all the cooks, kitchen workers, those who take our orders on the phone, the ones who so quickly deliver our food and everyone who help our staying indoors to be more livable.”

— Walnut Village resident Judy C.

Delivering Meal

Residents Celebrate Nursing Staff

Residents throughout Front Porch celebrated nursing staff. Carlsbad By The Sea residents did so with cheers from their balconies.

“Staff are all very professional. I was particularly impressed with the Wellness Center’s nursing staff and the support they give residents during this time. As a nurse, that made a big impression on me.”

— Villa Gardens resident Ann G.

Residents and Staff Celebrate the Arrival of the COVID-19 Vaccine

Front Porch offered the COVID-19 vaccine to all residents and staff on site in our communities with 97% of residents and 90% of staff receiving vaccinations.

“Thanks to the staff and residents, we made it through the rough times and are looking forward to good things ahead.”

— Walnut Village resident Bob K.

Getting Vaccinated
Impact Through Innovation
Front Porch Center for Technology Innovation and Wellbeing

Exploring Innovative Uses of Technology to Empower Individuals to Thrive, Particularly as We Age

Here are some impact stories.

Telewellness Project

Since 2016, in partnership with Front Porch subsidiary CARING Housing Ministries (CHM) and Special Service for Groups (SSG), a community-based social service organization, the Front Porch Center for Innovation and Wellbeing’s philanthropically funded Telewellness Project has been providing technology-based mental health and wellbeing education, services and programs to residents of affordable housing communities.

The Telewellness Project referred 24 residents at 3 CHM communities to counseling services by SSG – totaling 115 behavioral health sessions during a year of lockdown.


The Telehealth and Connected Families Project

With grants provided by the Civil Monetary Penalty fund, the Front Porch Center for Innovation and Wellbeing (FPCIW) distributed equipment and provided training to staff at Front Porch care centers to support physician visits and family social calls during the COVID-19 pandemic.

FPCIW safely distributed 10 telehealth carts, 8 iPads, 15 Echo Shows and 6 Kindles to 7 Front Porch care centers for the purposes of facilitating doctor appointments as well as social calls with family and friends.


“This service was extremely helpful, my father has dementia and him going to the doctor creates a lot of unnecessary risks.”

— Family member

Lighthouse for Older Adults

“I am [not very] social, but with the device [it’s made me more social], in addition to the music, and all the information, I am complete.”

— Resident

Lighthouse For Older Adults

Lighthouse for Older Adults helps close the digital divide in affordable housing through broadband deployment, device distribution and adoption.

Concerned about the heightened consequences of social isolation during the 2020 holiday season, the Front Porch Center for Innovation and Wellbeing worked with the Lighthouse team and Volara to distribute Google Hub Max devices to 20 residents and 6 staff members at CHM managed Vista Tower and Jefferson Manor (an Eskaton community). These devices helped residents connect with friends, family and service coordinators through video chat.

Impact Through Philanthropy
Center fo Successful Aging

Caring Companions Offers Peer-to-Peer Counseling Services

To combat isolation and loneliness during the pandemic, Vista del Monte residents began to serve as peer counselors to their fellow residents. The Center for Successful Aging provided six of eight peer counseling training classes. Vista’s chaplain taught the remaining two classes, virtually.

In the first year of operation, Caring Companions volunteers provided 291 hours of peer support to their fellow residents in-person or over the phone, reaching at least 125 individuals. Caring Companions continues to serve and train peer counselors with philanthropic support.

Front Porch Salutes Its Amazing Resident Volunteers

When resident dining rooms closed in March 2020 because of COVID-19, Sunny View West, Front Porch’s affordable housing community in Cupertino managed by CARING Housing Ministries, quickly had to figure out how to serve meals to all its residents.

A courageous team of 13 Sunny View West residents volunteered to deliver lunches to the entire community door-to-door, seven days a week. Their enthusiasm to go the extra mile gave everyone encouragement to keep going and get through the tough times together as a team.


We Assist Residents in Need

Our foundation partners distributed $849,837 to 28 residents.

These funds assist Front Porch retirement community residents who have outlived their financial resources.

We Assist
Employees in Need

The HEART Fund distributed
to 26 employees.

The HEART Fund assists Front Porch employees who have experienced an unforeseen financial hardship due to an illness, death in the family or loss of a home caused by a natural disaster.

Heart Fund

Residents awarded
scholarships totaling

Thanks to the generosity of our residents, our foundation partners are able to fund scholarships to help employees and their children receive post-high-school training and tuition for college.

of philanthropic donations through our foundation partners also funded …

Wheelchair Ramp

Community wheelchair ramp


Fourteen tablets for residents to connect with their families


Holiday gifts for 280 households living in affordable housing communities through Operation Snowflake


Joyful Hearts, a choir for residents with Alzheimer’s and related dementias


Spiritual care for residents


Support groups for residents and caregivers … and much more

A Bright Future
Front Porch and Covia

On April 1, 2021, Front Porch and Covia, another highly regarded California-based non-profit provider of housing and services, united as one organization under the Front Porch name. This new affiliation combines outstanding people and resources from across California and beyond.

Our shared commitment to those we serve brought us together. Maximizing our strengths as one organization will set us apart.

Working through the challenges of the last year has reminded us that our greatest resource is our people. Our focus on supporting residents and employees remains as strong as ever. We know that the relationships we cultivate and share will build community and strengthen us. We look forward to a bright future ahead.

Thank you!