Claremont, CA
Claremont Manor

A Front Porch Community


Wellness in All Forms

Your well-being is as important to us as it is to you, and here at Claremont Manor, wellness takes many forms.

Portrait of a smiling group outside Claremont Manor
Portrait of a smiling couple enjoying a game offered at Claremont Manor

Slice of Life

Continue lifelong interests and discover something new to enjoy. We create shared experiences that get the heart beating. Here are a few examples.

Here are just a few examples of our life enrichment opportunities that engage mind, body and spirit.

  • Claremont Manor dog walkers
  • Out to lunch bunch
  • Excursions to popular local attractions and events
  • Billiards
  • Aqua aerobics
  • Visiting guest speakers from our neighbor, the Claremont Colleges
  • Numerous resident-led groups, clubs and committees
  • Musical performances

Food for the Body, Mind & Soul

From classic favorites to inspired new flavors, you’ll share meals and create memories with friends and family in our bistro, formal dining room or in your very own kitchen.

  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner served in the dining room
  • Take-out ordering available
  • Menu options change daily for a variety of selections
  • Fresh fruit, vegetables and salads
  • Special meals for holidays and celebrations
Community meal plan options and facilities are offered at Claremont Manor

Portrait of volunteers assisting at Claremont Manor

Make a Difference

Our volunteers are beloved for so many reasons like taking shifts in our resident store; sharing a smile at our Care Center; planning events; and even take part in community task forces.

Next Steps


Schedule a Visit

If you would like to become a Claremont Manor resident, we are here to guide you and answer all of your questions. Whether you need help deciding among a one-bedroom, two-bedroom, a cottage or larger accommodation, we can assist you through the process. Your answers are only a phone call or email away.


Complete Your Application

The sales and marketing team will help and guide you in choosing an accommodation. During this step, you will complete your application and provide a deposit to start the process. If you are not ready but have chosen Claremont Manor for your future home, you can join our reservation list.


Join Our Community

After you have chosen your future home and are ready to move in, we can offer resources and support to make your move as smooth and worry-free as possible.