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Last updated: 2.2.21

Front Porch Response to COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Dear Residents, Colleagues, and Guests,

In our continuing effort to update you on the status and effects of COVID-19 in our communities I offer the following updated response as of February 2, 2021:

Positive Cases

Consistent with the pandemic throughout California, we recently exited another wave of widespread increases in COVID-19 cases for both residents and staff at all of our communities. Over the past three weeks these cases have declined more than 60% and we continue to be optimistic these numbers will continue to improve based on the vaccine distribution currently underway for all employees, residents and other essential personnel.  We continue to adhere to all safety guidelines including the wearing of masks for everyone in our communities, social distancing, hand washing, and screening protocols for all essential personnel entering the community.


All of our Front Porch communities continue to routinely test employees for COVID-19 based on the guidelines established by their respective local health departments. Most of our communities are now testing all employees weekly.  We continue to use testing methods that are approved by the CDC and county health departments. The timing of test results continues to improve and we are typically getting a response to tests within 24 hours. As always, we believe testing is a significant way to identify and prevent the spread of COVID-19 and will continue to be vigilant in our efforts to test. Reporting of positive cases continues to be provided to all residents, emergency resident contacts and staff, via our Regroup reporting process as well as appropriate licensing agencies.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

PPE supplies at all of our Front Porch communities remains at 45 days or more. In advance of the anticipated outbreaks, purchasing of PPE was increased and included additional supplies of surgical gowns, KN95s, N95s, and Face Shields. In addition, we have stockpiled PPE for emergencies that will provide additional support to all Front Porch communities if the need arises. Consistent with the changes in positive COVID-19 cases, PPE availability fluctuates, but we currently have no problems adequately meeting the needs for PPE in any of our communities.


All Front Porch communities have begun the distribution of vaccines for all residents and staff or have scheduled dates in February to receive the vaccine. To date, four of our skilled nursing Care Centers have already received and delivered two doses of the vaccine. In our Residential Living, Assisted Living and Summer House accommodations, eight of those communities have received their first dose.  The remaining communities have dates in February for their first doses. By the end of February, all of our Front Porch residents and staff who participated in the vaccination program, will have had access to their first and second COVID-19 shots. We are extremely excited going forward that these vaccines will provide the opportunity to get back to a new normal of life for everyone at all of our Front Porch communities.

Community Reopening’s

Due to the recent administration of the COVID-19 vaccine at all of our communities, we are hopeful that the declining numbers in positive numbers will build a case to allow us to reopen many aspects of our community. We will continue to work with the local health jurisdictions and keep everyone updated on the potential progress towards reopening the social aspects of community life.

I hope this report provides the essential information everyone needs to feel confident Front Porch is responding to the challenges of COVID-19. We are so thankful for the amazing work of all our Front Porch employees and their commitment to our residents and families.  We are so close to achieving our goal of reopening the communities for the welfare of our residents and staff. We look forward to the next update and are hopeful it will bring more positive news.

— Jeff Sianko
Front Porch Divisional Vice President

Watch a video message from Front Porch Divisional Vice President Jeff Sianko (8/27/20).

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