Covia announces merger with Friends House

On February 11, the Covia Communities Board approved plans for Friends House to become part of Covia. This decision is in accordance with the Friends Association of Services for the Elderly (FASE), which voted in November 2020 for Friends House to merge with Covia Communities. The Covia Group board affirmed the merger at its meeting in January 2021.

The merger is expected to take place March 31, 2021, pending approval of the California Attorney General and the California Department of Social Services.

Covia and FASE have worked closely together since September 2018 when Covia began a management agreement with FASE to provide support and oversight for many of Friends House’s administrative functions. FASE and Covia agree that the merger of Friends House into Covia will ensure a financially attainable option for non-profit senior living in Sonoma County.

Covia is committed to the heritage and purpose of Friends House, including its Quaker values and cultural standards for simplicity, stewardship, integrity, equality, community, and peace.

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