For the Love of Food, Service … and Casa de Mañana

I love food. I love to eat, but even more I love how food is both vital to nourishing people and also capable of bringing them great joy. I have a pretty wide range of experience in the “Food” business having worked in it for over 30 years, some of that being in retail sales, but most of it working as a supervisor or manager in restaurant settings.

During my entire career, the best job I have ever had has been working as the director of dining services at Casa de Mañana, a Front Porch community in La Jolla. The main reason I feel this way is because of the residents themselves. When I first came to Casa, I used to frequently visit my old restaurant and people would ask me how I liked my new job at Casa. I told them that working at Casa was much like one of those ultra-rare nights at the restaurant when all of your favorite customers came in on the same night. At Casa, that actual happens night after night!

The residents at Casa are amazingly kind, gracious and positive. They are definitely the type of people who you want to work for. Those who come to work for Casa are typically people who are drawn to working in the service of others, but those who stay for years are those who realize that there are very few finer places to work, both for who you are serving and whom you are working with. And by the way, the view out of our ocean front dining room is spectacular!

Robert Hatano

Dining Services Director

Casa de Mañana Retirement Community