Fredericka Manor Resident Inspired by Neighbor Who Makes a Difference

When retired small business owner Joan Ransom and her husband, John, moved toe Fredericka Manor in 2006, they were excited to get involved at the community. An avid volunteer, Joan quickly joined the Fredericka Club, a resident-run fundraising group, and was appointed secretary. Many other opportunities followed.

One resident in particular inspired Joan and John to support their community: Steve Connor.

“Steve has been quite the inspiration to many here, including me and my husband,” Joan said. “He got us interested and shined a light on how we could make a difference through charitable giving.”

Steve, a longtime advocate for the work of the then Pacific Homes Foundation and its successor, the Front Porch Communities Foundation has made and does make in the lives of residents here,” Joan said. “And Keith is not only an advisor but has become a friend.” After weighing their philanthropic options, the Ransoms have been longtime donors to the Foundation in support of the Fredericka Manor Resident Assistance Fund. This “circle of friends” helps provide support for those at the community who outlive their resources.

“No one really knows what their financial situation may be years from now, so it’s important that if someone does run out of money they are able to keep living at Fredericka Manor,” Joan said. “I love it here, and I don’t want to see other people, who also love it here, to have to move out through no fault of theirs.”

Joan has also supported the Scholarship Fund, which provides grants to employees to help them pay for colleg,e trade school, or continuing education. She and John also decided to support Fredericka through planned giving, both opening charitable gift annuities through the Foundation that name Fredericka Manor as the beneficiary, while providing tax savings and generating lifetime income. John passed away in 2020, but Joan appreciates her CGA and the income it provides to her.

“It’s a good feeling knowing I’m helping others and making a difference,” Joan said. “I live here so it’s important that I support the people around me.”