Helga Carden Stays on the Move at Vista del Monte

For anyone who needs motivation to exercise, meet Vista del Monte resident, 98-year-old Helga Carden, who seems to always be on the move – literally.

Ever since moving to Vista about five years ago, Helga has participated in almost every fitness class the community offers. Six days a week, she takes a mile walk around the campus – enjoying its beautiful landscape and checking in with neighbors. She says her favorite and most challenging class at Vista is definitely Pilates and she is a regular at the community’s Fitness and Aquatic Center.

She also regularly works out at the local YMCA, where she lifts weights, does aerobic exercise, and has been known to kick it into high gear during kick boxing class. “I always loved staying active because I had a stressful job and outdoor activities gave me an outlet,” said the retired registered nurse anesthetist. “Anytime I’m exercising, I feel better both physically and mentally.  There are so many wonderful classes here. I enjoy them alI. I encourage people to give it a try.”

Helga was also a devoted runner and participated in the inaugural Los Angeles Marathon in 1986 at age 60. Up until the last few years, Helga was an avid skier – her favorite outdoor sport. She has skied dozens of slopes across Europe, the United States and Canada, including her favorite location, Zurs, Austria. She even met her late husband, John, on the slopes of Mammoth, in California.

“Helga certainly is an inspiration to so many here,” said Heidi Reyes, Vista’s Fitness and Aquatic Center manager. “I’m happy she found a community that encourages her to maintain the lifestyle she loves.”

Some studies show, devoting just 11 minutes of moderately-intense physical activity each day is sufficient to lower the risk of diseases such as heart disease, stroke and a number of cancers. In an international study led by the University of Cambridge and published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, the authors conducted a systematic review and meta-analysis, finding that one in 10 early deaths could be prevented if everyone managed at least half the recommended level of physical activity.

“I believe exercise is an important component for a long life,” Helga said. “I appreciate the opportunities we have here.”

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