Henry Hermosillo Says ‘Let’s Give it a Try’ When it Comes to Life Enrichment at Claremont Manor

Henry Hermosillo makes a strong first impression and is passionate about resident engagement. That’s the perfect combination as Claremont Manor’s life enrichment director.

Henry Hermosillo leads a class.

“I have the attitude of … let’s give it a try!” Henry said. “I love developing programs, really pushing boundaries
and thinking on my feet. Even if only four or five people try something new and enjoy it, they will invite their friends to come next time. At Claremont Manor, life enrichment is constantly evolving for the better.”

Henry’s goal is to provide residents opportunities to do what they enjoy while also exploring new pursuits. Whether it’s a game of billiards or poker, acting in resident-produced plays, attending art classes or exchanging ideas during a guest speaker presentation, there is something being offered to engage the mind, body and spirit.

“Life enrichment at Claremont Manor is about looking at the whole person,” Henry said. “My goal is to provide options. I want to touch all the bases with group or individual activities large or small. And if residents already have an established hobby or passion they have always enjoyed, I want them to continue to pursue it and even share it with others.”

“Henry works hard to come up with some great ideas,” said resident Ross Goodman, who moderates
Claremont Manor’s current events group. “Henry has been my biggest supporter.”

Henry recently started a seven-card stud poker game on Fridays, he hosts a history timeline discussion, and also hosts “What if History?” an alternative look at historic events. “I feel like the more I educate myself on various topics, the more I’m able to create meaningful programs others will enjoy.”

Henry’s knowledge from many disciplines provides residents with all-encompassing experiences. “I like to do hands-on cooking programs using my culinary background, which ranges from salmon canning and recipe development to restaurant management,” he said. His experience as a college and professional football
player helped him to host a great Super Bowl party.

“I appreciate that Claremont Manor has more adventurous residents than where I previously worked,” Henry said. “Here, residents have the opportunity to assist with, suggest and provide the life enrichment programming. That is not always the case at senior living communities but it’s encouraged here.”

Resident-run committees and programs include a music program, early morning exercises, current events group
and more. With 21 years of experience, Henry has made many connections. He is looking forward to developing
new programming at Claremont Manor that include wine and whisky tastings, intergenerational opportunities with the local elementary and high schools, an architecture corner, a lecture series and music performances in
partnership with the Claremont Colleges.

“I would not be in this field, as long as I’ve been if I was not immensely enjoying it and feeling like I was making a
difference on a daily basis,” Henry said.