Inspiring and Building Community with New Front Porch CEO Sean Kelly

Front Porch Communities Foundation is at the heart of the Front Porch mission of creating community and meeting the evolving needs of the people we serve and may hope to serve. The Foundation has the support and direction of a group of dedicated and visionary leaders, including Front Porch’s new Chief Executive Officer, Sean Kelly. Sean brings to the organization extensive experience and thought leadership around pivotal issues that relate to senior living, aging services, and the intersection of health care and well-being among older people.

Front Porch Communities Foundation and Villa Gardens
recently honored residents whose cumulative gifts qualify
them for a gold leaf on the Tree of Life. The tree, displayed
near the front entrance, celebrates the generous donors
whose gifts help enrich life at the community.

“I feel very fortunate to have been able to work in this field for a good part of my career, to work with incredibly talented people and to learn from some of our field’s true visionaries,” said Sean. “Joining Front Porch allows me to keep learning and to keep growing as part of an organization that is poised to expand its already strong footprint in senior housing and services as we explore new paradigms for aging in our changing world.”

Gifts from residents, families and friends to the Foundation and its predecessors help older adults flourish. These gifts represent caring, joy and vision — and can have direct impacts by improving quality of life, ensuring support for those in community who have outlived their resources, and connecting the isolated and vulnerable with services and people who care.

“Reinforcing and building on its dynamic legacy, I see that Front Porch is ever more committed to
‘inspiring and building community,’” he said. “The evolution of this mission is vital and in many ways, made possible through work of the Foundation which itself, inspires engagement and activation of programs and people toward greater purpose.”