‘Kingsley Manor Residents are Some of the Most Interesting People I Have Ever Met,’ says John Hughes

Anyone who knows me, understands that I’m an urban kind of guy. I love living in the city – Los Angeles to be specific. Its people are fascinating, I can walk or take public transportation to most places I like visiting and best of all, I like the vibe and energy of city life. Having lived in the city for most of my adult life, I knew that when choosing a senior living community it needed to be a place that has a good vibe with fascinating people, and most importantly, where I can be myself.

John Hughes relaxes at Kingsley Manor.

For years, I have enjoyed the comradery, services and social opportunities at the local LGBTQ Center. And thanks to the Center, I found my home at Kingsley Manor. When I asked my friends there if they knew of any senior living communities in the area I might like, many recommended Kingsley. They described it as an eclectic, friendly place filled with joy, diversity and acceptance. It was exactly the welcoming home I was looking for.

I must say, as a social kind of guy, the residents here are some of the most interesting I have ever met. I really get a kick out of talking to them at dinner or during a game of cards. We have actors, dancers, singers, engineers, business people, activists and homemakers, just to name a few. People representing so many cultures and lifestyles make Kingsley their home and I fit right in.

One of John’s sketches.

Kingsley’s location near Santa Monica Boulevard in Hollywood is about three miles from my family home and the LGBTQ Center, which means I can enjoy all of the things I’ve always loved to do, like visit friends, attend concerts, visit museums and work out at the gym, all accessible by nearby public transportation or transportation available at Kingsley. And because two of my favorite things to do are people watching and staying active, I look forward to my daily strolls around the neighborhood.

Although I have never been an artist, to my surprise, I became one at Kingsley. Right outside my window in this beautiful oasis, filled with city wildlife like birds, squirrels and rabbits, not to mention the exquisite architecture that embodies the community’s more than 100-year history. I love putting pencil to paper and sketching as much as I can including our gazebo, rose garden and unique frescos that surround the community.

One final thought … those Kingsley Manor sunsets! The living room of my second floor residence faces west, which means every evening I get to experience one of the most gorgeous sights imaginable! Just like me you can be yourself at Kingsley Manor. Come see for yourself.

— Resident John Hughes has lived at Kingsley Manor since 2019.