Letter From Kevin

Dear Friend,

More than 50 years after our founding, we remain committed to our charitable purpose and to our Episcopal heritage: the values of welcome, inclusion, social justice, and grace. As we go forward, our identity is evolving to fully reflect the increasing range of services and communities we offer and people we serve. We have grown into a new name: Covia. This created word trumpets our aspiration to come together on the path of life.

two men conversing

At Covia, we believe how people live is as important as where people live. We believe in providing outstanding residential options and community services to help seniors get the most out of life – wherever they call home. We have been working to further our commitment to serving people of all means for over half a century.

At Covia, we celebrate age. We believe in a strong continuum of care and services. We promote well-being by building strong and engaging communities, connecting people with the services they need to thrive, and providing compassionate, personalized support.

At Covia, we strive to meet the challenges people face as they grow older. We strive to fulfill our mission, to be innovative in our services, and to be financially responsible. To do this, we rely on the dedication of our staff, the energy of our volunteer force, the commitment of our board members, the trust of our residents, friends, and community service members, and the generosity of our donors.

This new website at covia.org will begin to bring life to our new name. I welcome you to explore how ESC has become Covia and I invite your continued support of our mission.

Kevin Gerber
President and CEO