Pamela Lowe Says Trust is the Key to Having Happy and Healthy Residents

“When it comes to the health and wellbeing of residents, building a trusting relationship is the key,” says Pamela Lowe, director of health services at Walnut Village.

“Trust is the most important part of my job,” Pamela says. “Residents need to feel comfortable coming to me with any health issues so I can help and I need to feel comfortable going to them with observations about their health if I see things they need to know about. I want residents to live their best  lives here.”

Building trusting relationships with residents
is key to Pamela Lowe.

Pamela started at Walnut Village more than seven years ago as a part time licensed vocational nurse and was soon promoted to assisted living manager and then to her current position as health services director. Helping residents make healthy improvements in their lives is what Pamela finds most rewarding about her work.

She is responsible for the health and wellbeing of all 200-plus residents as well as the supervision and training of more than 30 nurses and caregivers working at Walnut Village. “I make sure that if a resident is ill or they have questions about medication, preventative care or their overall health, they know we are here to help,” Pamela says.

Pamela oversees weekly doctors’ visits to Walnut Village and schedules regular podiatry and flu shot clinics to help residents with preventive care. “Residents always have the option of seeing the medical staff we bring in as an alternative to seeing their own doctor,” Pamela said.

Her relationships go beyond those with residents, often times extending to family members. “Many family members rely on me to be their eyes and ears with regard to their mothers’ or fathers’ health,” Pamela said. “Family members call me regularly and ask how their loved one is doing. It’s my job to know the answer.”

Pamela has held many positions in her decades-long career as a nurse and pharmacy tech, but she has a special place in her heart for older adults. “I have always enjoyed being with older people,” she said. “Geriatrics may be my specialty but building relationships with those I serve is my passion.”