Pet Friendly Fredericka Manor is the Perfect Home for Nancy, David and Lucky

For many, pets are an important part of their lives, providing love and companionship. So why would anyone want to give up their best friend just because they are moving to a senior living community? Well, they don’t if they come to live at Fredericka Manor, a community that welcomes most pets. Just ask residents Nancy and David whose dog Lucky, fits his name to a T.

Lucky, David and Nancy

“He felt lucky and we feel extremely lucky to have him,” Nancy said about their mixed breed white terrier. “So it’s really an appropriate name for him.”

Lucky came to Nancy and David as a result of a re-home situation. “We wanted an older dog, not a puppy,” Nancy said. “We’re not puppies ourselves so the older dog was really ideal for us.”

Fredericka Manor is not only the perfect home for Nancy and David, but for Lucky too. Its 24 acres of mature landscape and serene lily pond are perfect for enjoying the San Diego sunshine, a full menu of social, cultural and well-being opportunities and of course plenty of walks with Lucky.

“Lucky gets us out at least twice a day for walks,” David said. “He likes to visit our neighbors. Some of them like to eat on their front porches and he’ll visit them for breakfast. And one gentleman, every time he drives by, has to stop and open his car door and say hi. Lucky’s got a lot of friends here like we do. Fredericka is a wonderful little town.”

Even people who don’t know Nancy and David are happy to see Lucky. “He’s so soft to touch and it makes them feel good and it makes us feel good,” Nancy said. “He’s a good little ice breaker for meeting new people. We really love him and we’re glad Fredericka Manor loves dogs as much as we do.”

As David said, Fredericka Manor is reminiscent of small-town living. Its classic charm, quiet streets dotted with cottages, colorful rose gardens, a putting green and a lily pond make living easy and fun.