Pride in our Values

As this month comes to a close, it is an appropriate time to reflect back on the first half of this year and think about our challenges, our growth and our priorities. As we have been highlighting, Front Porch is all about bringing people together, inspiring community and fostering meaningful connections. That feeling is woven into our values and, I hope, demonstrated every day both by our caring staff and through the spirit of “family” we see in our residents.

Staff at St. Paul’s Towers show their support for
Pride Month in colorful masks and attire.

Central to this thinking is celebrating the nature of each person and embracing the beauty of the diversity they bring. We honored this beauty earlier this month on Juneteenth and it’s worth highlighting the importance of diversity and inclusion again as we close out Pride Month.

Celebrated each June throughout the United States and in many other countries of the world, Pride Month is a time to uplift LGBTQ+ voices, celebrate LGBTQ+ culture, support LGBTQ+ rights and recognize both the progress made, and work we still have to do, toward holistic equality. It is also a monthlong celebration of self-affirmation, love, dignity, equality and acceptance as well as the unapologetic pride that comes with being true to oneself. I am proud to be part of an organization that believes so strongly in these principles, not just during June’s Pride Month but throughout the year.

In keeping with our mission it is vitally important that we strive to create inclusive and welcoming environments for every person within our growing Front Porch community. It is important that we respect, appreciate and learn from our differences – and meet people where they are – even when we might not see eye to eye on everything. And it is important too that we commit ourselves to continual evolution through ongoing education and engagement and not let real or perceived barriers keep us apart. Is it any wonder then that the words CONNECT, COLLABORATE and EMBRACE CHANGE can be found among our core values and guiding principles? 

While each element of Front Porch may have its own distinct culture, in the nearly four months that I have been on board it has become abundantly clear to me that is it our shared values that bond us together. The more we can remain true to these values, the more we can build a true sense of “belonging” for residents and employees alike – for we know that building and inspiring community comes first and foremost from a sense of belonging. I thank each and every one of you for your commitment to these values and for joining in the ongoing journey of making us better and taking pride in the community that is Front Porch.