Seven Compelling Reasons Why You Should Make the Move to Wesley Palms Today

You hear it all of the time … you should wait until you need assistance with life’s daily activities to make a move to a senior living community. But in reality, moving while you are as active and independent as possible offers you the most opportunities to enjoy community life. Here are seven reasons why making the move to Wesley Palms now is the right choice.

  1. Free Yourself from the Burdens and Expenses of Home Ownership

From raking leaves and taking out the trash to washing clothes, cooking meals and cleaning house, there’s always something that needs to be done when you’re living in your own home. At Wesley Palms, we take care of those mundane tasks by doing them for you.

2. We’re Here to Support Healthy Living

From yoga, strength training, balance classes and more, fitness is essential to your well-being as an older adult. Often, the benefits of exercising on a daily basis offset the risk factors. Even medical conditions can be improved with fitness, including memory loss, heart disease, and high blood pressure. At Wesley Palms, we offer a variety of programs, classes and opportunities for you to stay fit.

3. Enjoy Life Enrichment Programs for Body, Mind and Spirit

Meeting and being with others is one of the top reasons why many people make the switch to living in a senior living community. If your weekly agenda is lacking, but you want an engaging social life, then Wesley Palms may be your perfect match. You can join a music group, table tennis team, book club or a bridge or poker game to meet new friends. Residents enjoy calendars full of fun and exciting learning opportunities.

4. Experience Enhanced Safety & Security

Although you may not need help with personal care, unfortunately accidents can still happen. Household falls and injuries could occur, and if you live alone, the thought of not receiving the help you need can be a little scary. At Wesley Palms, we offer emergency response systems in all of our accommodations to maintain peace of mind and staff is available 24/7. For residents with more advanced health issues, we offer assisted living and memory care services.

5. Enjoy Delicious Meals Served in a Beautiful Dining Environment

Tired of going through the hassle of cooking, buying groceries and washing dishes? At Wesley Palms experience delicious, freshly-prepared meals made by culinary chefs. As a bonus, our indoor-outdoor restaurant-style dining room encourages spending mealtimes with friends and family, making each gathering a fun social event that you will look forward to.

6. Learn, Grow and Travel with Your Friends at Wesley Palms

Aging doesn’t put a stop for your need to grow and explore the world around you. Wesley Palms can make it easier to get out and discover exciting new experiences through planned excursions and travel. You will enjoy group outings to Balboa Park, The Old Globe, Petco Park, Crystal Pier, Del Mar Race Track, Farmers Market and many other destinations.

7. Wesley Palms is a Sound Financial Choice

Many of the services and amenities you desire are included in the monthly fee at Wesley Palms. If you were to pay for all of these separately, you’d soon realize how quickly the costs add up. From gourmet meals and utilities to transportation and gym memberships, you’ll find that a move to Wesley Palms is a good lifestyle and financial choice.

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