A Mother-Daughter Senior Living Journey in Chula Vista

Fredericka Manor provides peace of mind to families seeking comfort and care for their loved ones. For one mother and daughter duo, the decision to embrace senior living in Chula Vista was not just a practical choice but a transformative experience marked by gratitude.

Arlene and Angie take a walk through Fredericka Manor’s lily pond.

“It actually was her idea. She decided, you know, it’s time to move her and my dad. He had the beginning of dementia and it was a little tough — cooking, cleaning, yard work,” shares Arlene about her mom’s choice to move to Fredericka Manor.

The first thing that caught their attention at the senior living community was the construction of a large picturesque pond on the premises. Arlene remarks, “After it was all completed, it’s very beautiful. It’s bigger than I thought!”

Angie, now a resident, echoes her daughter’s sentiments. “I enjoy going there every day, sometimes twice!” The pond, a scenic centerpiece at Fredericka Manor, has become a favorite spot for residents to relax and connect with nature.

Reflecting on her mother’s transformation, Arlene observes, “She’s become more talkative…”

“I am?” Angie questions with a chuckle.

Arlene adds, “I see that she’s taking care of herself very well. Having my dad with her, it was tough for her to take care of herself, but she’s very much blossomed here.”

“I miss him, but now, I have time for myself. All the activities they have there, I have a choice. And right now I take exercise classes every day and it’s attended by 20 or more people every session,” Angie shares.

“We know that she’s safe. That’s the main thing. And she’s making new friends,” she adds.

Angie expresses gratitude for her new lifestyle, “I’m grateful for everything that they do for me here. I don’t have to cook. I have all the free time to do whatever I like here.”

Retirement living has not only relieved Arlene of the stress of caregiving but has also provided her mom with a vibrant community where she can thrive. The large iconic pond, daily exercise classes and the freedom to choose from a variety of activities have made senior living in Chula Vista an enriching experience for this family.

As Arlene succinctly puts it, “It’s not just a place to live; it’s a community that cares. Seeing my mom happy and engaged makes every mile we traveled to get here worth it.”

At Fredericka Manor, retirement living isn’t just a choice; it’s a celebration of life, connection and newfound joy.

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