A New Chapter of Generosity for Judy Gilbert at Vista del Monte

For Judy Gilbert, the decision to move to Vista del Monte wasn’t simply about downsizing. The challenges of maintaining a home and the isolation that often came with it had started to weigh heavily on her. She longed for companionship, for meaningful conversations and most importantly, for a community. “I felt like living in community is the best way to age,” Judy shared. “After settling here a little over a year ago, the beautiful ambiance and the company of caring neighbors still bring a smile to my face.”

As she delved deeper into her life at Vista del Monte, Judy learned about the Front Porch Communities Foundation through her new friends and neighbors. Their praises for the Foundation’s work resonated with Judy’s own values.

Eager to give back and be a part of something larger than herself, she discovered the benefits of a charitable gift annuity (CGA). A CGA offered Judy the chance to donate in a way that was both meaningful and financially prudent. Through this gift plan, available through the Foundation, her gift annuity was funded by a Qualified Charitable Distribution, free of taxes, directly from her individual retirement account. The CGA provides Judy with lifetime income at a set rate. And after she passes away, the Foundation will receive the balance of her generous contribution to support the community she loves. “The numbers just worked for me,” she explained. “It was a win-win situation.”

“It was important for me to be part of the tradition of giving at this community,” Judy said. Her donation is designated for the Vista del Monte discretionary fund, which is directed to meet the community’s most pressing needs. Judy does have certain causes close to her heart. She is particularly passionate about the Resident Assistance Fund, which serves as a “circle of friends” to help support residents who outlive their resources, and the Scholarship Fund, which helps Front Porch team members pursue their education goals. Her dream is for her contribution to also benefit the Fitness and Aquatic Center and the Caring Companions program, which trains resident volunteers to check on the well-being of other residents and offer one-on-one support.

“For many, there is a feeling in the back of our minds that we may run out of money and as a result, no longer be able to live at Vista. Having a resident assistance fund gives you a sense of security. I wanted to contribute to that,” Judy said.

Her personal history played a major role in her support of the scholarship fund. “I’m a strong believer in education. I went to college on a scholarship, and I want others to have that same opportunity.” At Vista del Monte, Judy found not only a home but a purpose. Her journey turned out to be more than just a change of address; it became a journey of community, generosity, and shared dreams.

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