Arlen & Blondell Jowers Make England Oaks a Home Base for Adventure

After living near Pineville, Louisiana for most of their lives, college sweethearts Arlen and Blondell Jowers built a full life for themselves–raising kids, teaching 1st grade for Blondell, Arlen’s work as a civil servant, and collecting and restoring antiques.

When retirement rolled around, it was time for some new adventures. They bought an RV and for the next 15 years they explored the U.S. enjoying favorite spots like Mountain View, Arkansas where they became RV park hosts for a season. “We absolutely loved getting to meet people from all over the country,” notes Blondell.  

In the midst of their travels, this pair of go-getters found maintaining their home while on the road a challenging balance. So, in 2014, they decided to move to the England Oaks adult living community for the convenience it offered. “It was the perfect solution because it gave us the freedom to leave for periods of time without having to worry about who would take care of the house or the lawn,” Arlen explained.

“We can just lock our door and go,” Blondell added. “And if we ever need anything repaired, it’s easy to call maintenance even when we’re not here.”

While the Jowers decided it was time to sell their RV a few years ago, their adventures have continued here at England Oaks. You’ll often find Arlen and Blondell playing pinochle or bingo or exploring the neighborhood to discover the best shady walking spots. They continue to enjoy their long-time hobby of collecting and restoring antique furniture.

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