Artist Rose Fucile Pulls Inspiration From Home and Abroad

Resident Rose Fucile never had a formal art lesson or studied art, yet she paints like a master.

The retired English teacher began painting on porcelain about 20 years ago at age 60, after seeing work at a local art show. “I liked what I saw,” Rose said in her one-bedroom apartment at Sunny View. “I thought painting on porcelain tiles was an unusual thing to do and I wanted to try it.”

Rose with one of her favorite paintings

Rose estimates she has painted more than 100 pieces. They range in size and form including plates, steins and framed tiles. Her subjects include still life, wildlife, landscape, floral and, her favorite subject, portraits.

“I like to see a person’s face come to life after I paint it,” Rose says. “Seeing that makes me happy.”

As a teacher with summers off, Rose had a passion for travel, vising Europe, Russia, China, India and Tibet as well as many locations in the U.S. “While visiting all of those places I took a lot of photos of what I saw and liked,” Rose said. “When I began painting, I used those photos for inspiration.” Rose humbly says … “I’m not a great artist but a good copier. I can copy what I take pictures of.”

“I’m amazed,” said Alex Fucile, Rose’s brother who has several of his sister’s paintings hanging in his home. “Growing up I never realized my big sister had this kind of talent. I was surprised as anyone when she started painting and I saw the results were so beautiful and detailed.”

Rose enjoys painting animals.

The process is simple. Rose chooses a specific size piece of porcelain that fits the subject and using an oil-based paint specifically formulated for the medium paints directly on the blank “canvas.” She then takes the sub painted for finished product and fires it in a kiln, finishing the process. Her work has been on display at Sunny View several times for all to enjoy.

Now semi-retired from painting, Rose says her life at Sunny View allows her to explore other interests including reading, exercising in the gym and walking.

“I might start painting again,” Rose says with a grin. “They actually have a kiln here so I have everything I need.”