Innovative Equipment Helps Residents Stay Fit and Independent

Wellness Coordinator Alicia Estrada assists residents with the
HUR exercise equipment.

Staying fit, independent and preventing falls are the goals of many residents.

That is why the community offers a customized fitness program designed to increase energy and vitality, improve muscular strength, balance, cardiovascular health, and confidence. One of the ways they do this is by using HUR, a specialized strength training solution specifically designed for older adults in senior living communities and skilled nursing rehabilitation centers. The equipment, developed from research by Helsinki University Research (HUR) in Finland, provides a safe, easy to use, and effective full body workout for wellness, preventive, rehabilitative, and maintenance training.

“What makes the HUR equipment unique is its versatility and ease of use,” said Sunny View’s Wellness Coordinator Alicia Estrada. “It uses smart technology to remember the user, is designed for ease of getting on and off, and allows residents to work out on their own schedules. Making exercising fun and something residents can do on their own increases participation. We have seen that happen here at Sunny View.”

Using the equipment is simple. Residents first meet with Alicia and establish goals such as improving strength, stamina or a desire to work on a specific part of the body, like arms or legs. Alicia develops an individual program for each resident and enters that person’s information into a database. Residents are then given a wristband that they can scan into the HUR system.

The high-tech machines are linked to a computer, which automatically determines a user’s workout based on a routine pre-programmed into the wristband. Alicia receives feedback from the system and can adjust routines as needed. Feedback also includes attendance and progress reports. This is particularly helpful for residents undergoing rehabilitation.

Fall prevention is key in senior communities because falls are so problematic. One in three Americans over the age of 65 falls every year, putting them at risk for debilitating fractures, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Alicia said after reading several studies on fall prevention, she initiated her own study that found residents who exercised more were less likely to fall.

The HUR equipment uses computerized air pressure that is gentler on aging joints, according to the company. The resistance is smoother and simulates muscle movement compared to weight stacking machines.

“I like the concept of working out on my own,” said resident Don Garabedian. “I just scan my wristband and I’m all set. Everything is set up automatically for me.”

“This equipment has made me more independent,” said resident Linda Smith. “I’ve been working out since September and I have noticed a difference.”

The HUR machines join a list of wellness amenities at Sunny View including the innovative anti-gravity treadmill and CyberCycle.