Summer House at Claremont Manor: A Unique Memory Care Neighborhood

At Front Porch, seven of our retirement communities offer Summer House, memory care neighborhoods in intimate settings designed specifically for residents with Alzheimer’s and memory loss. Providing specialized care in a home-like setting, innovative technologies to support engagement, and enhanced monitoring to ensure peace of mind for families, Summer House has been especially beneficial during the pandemic in meeting the needs of residents and providing meaningful experiences.

If a loved one has Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia, the decision on when to make mindful, long-term care plans like transitioning to a memory care community can be challenging. There is no single guideline for deciding when it is time to make a change. Often there are psychological and emotional impacts of dementia-related conditions on a person’s spouse, loved ones, and family.

In recognition of Alzheimer’s Disease Awareness Month, asking these important questions of yourself or a caregiver can help you in that decision:

Resident explores the iN2L (photo pre-COVID)
  • Would the structure of a memory care community benefit my loved one?
  • Is my loved one safe in his or her current home?
  • Am I becoming a stressed, irritable, or impatient caregiver?
  • What is my loved one’s level of mobility?
  • Has my loved one’s personality changed?
  • Does my loved one need ongoing medical attention?
  • Does my loved one wander, get lost, or seek exits frequently?
  • Does my loved one remember to take his or her medication as prescribed?
  • Does my loved one show aggression or have they developed a behavior disorder?
  • Is my loved one too isolated with little to no social interaction?

The newest Summer House at Claremont Manor features 17 residences with modern comforts and classic styling. In this unique space, residents relax in sun-filled rooms and serene gardens and patios. Residents’ spouses have the option to live in other parts of the community to be near their loved one and enjoy safe quality time.

“At Summer House at Claremont Manor, residents are moving into an environment as close as possible to an actual home, not a facility or unit,” said Executive Director Greg Hirst. “The more home-like and intimate the community, the more effective the care. That is our philosophy.”

Familiarity with staff is unique to Summer House at Claremont Manor. “The staff residents see in the morning and who get them ready for the day, also engage with them during activities and serve them meals throughout the day,” Greg said. “It’s a different feeling than having different staff assigned to specific tasks. Residents get to know their caregivers and vice versa.”

Summer House Claremont Manor is built on a culture of innovation and creativity. This has enabled us to respond early and rapidly to challenges posed by COVID-19. Throughout this pandemic we have taken proactive steps, informed by CDC guidelines, in order to protect our residents, families, and staff.

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