Casa de Mañana Residents Sue and Doug Make an Investment for the Future

When Sue and Doug moved to Casa de Mañana in La Jolla in 2019, they found a variety of first-class amenities and lifelong learning opportunities. But most importantly, they found an opportunity to give back to Casa in a way that they themselves appreciated while in school.

Sue & Doug are generous residents of Casa de Mañana.

“Right after we moved in we heard about the employee scholarship programs here, administered through what is now the Front Porch Communities Foundation, and that immediately piqued our interest,” Sue said. “As academics, we both know the value of a higher education. We also both benefited from scholarships, so we know how important it is to have that financial security in college.

Front Porch Communities Foundation scholarships not only benefit those who attend traditional two- and four-year colleges but also those attending trade schools, pursuing certificate programs (like nursing programs), continuing education or GED studies. Doug and Sue donate to the Foundation to benefit all three of Casa de Mañana’s scholarship funds: the general Employee Scholarship Fund, the Casa de Futuro Fund (for children of employees), and the King School Children Fund (gift cards and school supplies for elementary, middle and high school students).

“These scholarships can be used by many types of students,” Doug said. “We have one employee here at Casa who received a scholarship to take English classes. We love that.”

“One of the things we as educators do is to find out the needs of underserved populations and provide resources,” Doug said. “ We are happy to give them a hand toward success.”