Tribute Gifts Help Donors Honor Loved Ones

Making a gift through the Front Porch Communities Foundation offers an opportunity to honor someone important to you — at the time of a special event in their lives, on the occasion of a significant achievement or upon their death. Residents throughout the Front Porch communities find occasions to honor their friends and neighbors through these tribute donations.

In honor of Spring Lake Village resident Bob’s recent milestone birthday this past year, friends and neighbors made gifts to the Spring Lake Village Classical Music Fund, a program very dear to Bob’s heart. The Spring Lake Village Concert Series produces nearly two dozen concerts each year, driven primarily by Bob’s organization and planning since he moved to Spring Lake Village 10 years ago. It meant a lot to him to be able to channel the energy and good wishes surrounding his milestone birthday to further a program that touches so many lives. “Music is something everyone can enjoy,” Bob said. “During the pandemic, being able to see and hear concerts without being able to leave my apartment was a life saver. To be able to help provide those concerts via video to my fellow residents means so much because for me, music is life.”

Bob has championed the Classical Music Fund
at Spring Lake VIllage.

“I am a strong believer in these types of gifts,” said Villa Gardens resident Edith, who has made memorial gifts to the Front Porch Communities Foundation on behalf of several former residents and friends. “We need to keep the spirit of those individuals alive.”

Like any gift to the Front Porch Communities Foundation, memorial or tribute gifts can be designated to support a particular fund or community.

Edith has lived at Villa Gardens for more than 12 years and was part of the community philanthropy committee for nearly a decade, inspiring countless residents to give generously to the Foundation to enhance programs and services they care about deeply.

“I remind people that you don’t have to wait for someone to pass away before making a gift in their name,” Edith said. “Tribute gifts, for example, can be made in honor of a staff member who you admire or you have a special relationship with. Or it can be as simple as honoring someone on his or her birthday. It’s also a way to give back to an organization that you and the honoree care about.”

Edith has a long history of supporting the National Multiple Sclerosis Society as both a donor and volunteer. It was through that experience that she discovered the great value of philanthropic giving and the good it can do. When she moved to Villa Gardens she sought out Villa’s philanthropy committee and after conversations with donors, decided to lend her support as well.

“I support the Front Porch Communities Foundation 100%,” Edith said. “Memorial and tribute gifts not only keep the name and spirit of the person recognized, but also keep the good work of the Foundation visible as well.”